Can ultrasonic cleaning machine wash mahjong?

The answer is yes. Mahjong material hard, if the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is a pretty good cleaning program, you can 360 degrees without dead ends to clean the mahjong, and also sterilization treatment, saving time and effort. But the ultrasonic cleaning machine is expensive, if it is not affordable for personal use, so the mahjong ultrasonic cleaning machine is generally commonly used in mahjong parlors.

Mahjong ultrasonic cleaning machine should be how to choose?

Recommended capacity of 30L GS1530 ultrasonic cleaning machine, product power recommended 900w, 30L ultrasonic cleaning machine just can be a pair of mahjong tiles in two cleaning, to achieve good cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can adjust the temperature to 60-80 °, to achieve the effect of eliminating bacteria. Use the mahjong special ultrasonic cleaning machine, no manpower, just wait quietly for 10-20min, you can make your mahjong a new look!

digital smart ultrasonic 30l wholesale ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer
digital smart ultrasonic 30l wholesale ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer

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