How to clean + degrease gears quickly? How effective is ultrasonic cleaning of gears?

Gear cleaning has been a big problem for many companies. After a series of processing techniques or use, gears inevitably leave oil, chips and other stains. The cleanliness of gears is an important indicator for assembling gears. Unclean cleaning can easily cause uneven gear meshing and affect the quality and life of the whole transmission system.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Due to the different sizes and forms of gears, it increases the difficulty of cleaning gears. This is when ultrasonic cleaning machine comes in handy.

Traditional gear cleaning methods are manual brushing, spraying, high-pressure cleaning, etc. These methods have low cleaning efficiency, poor cleaning effect, time-consuming and other defects. They have been gradually replaced by gear ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic cleaning using ultrasonic air action can thoroughly clean the dirt and oil stains attached to the gears. The high degree of automation of gear ultrasonic cleaning machine can reduce the labor intensity of employees and improve the working environment. In addition, gear ultrasonic cleaning machine can batch clean a large number of gears, compared with traditional cleaning methods, can greatly shorten the cleaning time.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is easy to operate and low cost. While satisfying the cleaning work, it saves space and costs, which has high economic benefits. For gears, bearings and other mechanical parts with complex shapes, it can also achieve good cleaning results.

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