Are those factors affect the price of ultrasonic cleaning machine? Ultrasonic cleaning machine price cost analysis

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be described as one of the use of quite common cleaning equipment, and in the market there are thousands of models of ultrasonic cleaning machine, they have a variety of functions, a variety of appearance and a variety of prices. So what kind of price is good value for money? How can you buy the right ultrasonic cleaning machine at a reasonable price? With such a question, then let us understand the factors that affect the price of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

In fact, we should keep the right attitude towards any kind of goods, that is to say, we only buy the right one, neither the expensive nor the cheap one. The right one is the kind of goods you want to buy, and you must confirm it clearly first. Otherwise, if you buy the wrong product, even if the product is good, it is useless. Take ultrasonic cleaner for example, why do you buy this? And invariably the answer is, to clean. But you need to know that ultrasonic cleaning machine has many functions, you need these functions? For example, the heating function. If you use alcohol, washboard cleaner and other flammable liquids as cleaning fluid, you do not need the heating function, heating will bring danger, this cleaning fluid usually do not need to heat to improve the cleaning effect. The following are the price determinants of ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Six factors that determine the price of ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Non-standard ultrasonic cleaning machine
Non-standard ultrasonic cleaning machine

1, the brand cost

With the development of the ultrasonic cleaning industry, each year will emerge many brands, and some of the old ultrasonic cleaning machine has its unique characteristics, in shape and internal structure will be integrated into the brand process, so that the ultrasonic cleaning machine can highlight the brand culture and brand characteristics, because each brand manufacturers are after many hours of dedicated research, exploration, testing, push back to present the unique process, and therefore the brand process in To a certain extent, it will affect the price of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

2, the cost of materials

A standard ultrasonic cleaning machine by the ultrasonic acoustic generator, circuit board, oscillator, stainless steel rinse tank and stainless steel shell, of which the oscillator is the core component, and the inner body of the ultrasonic cleaning machine and parts are important factors that make the cleaning function, but also the quality of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, high-quality inner body and parts in the cost of research and manufacturing costs and low quality cleaning Will produce a relatively large difference in price, the quality of its vibration head, generator and other important factors to determine the overall quality of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

3, the configuration cost

Different prices for different functions, different functional configurations will have price differences, even the difference between heaven and earth. For example, those with heating function is more expensive than those without heating, and those with CNC memory function is more expensive than the mechanical type. And for non-standard custom machines, it is even more so.

4, the cost of production

Nowadays, labor cost is getting higher and higher. Not only that, with the increasingly strict management of environmental protection, safety, business taxation, etc., enterprises are spending more and more on production and operation.

5, service and after-sales costs

Good pre-sales service to get a good product, and good after-sales service to get a better product experience to protect the consumer rights of customers in demand, and therefore the service content and warranty content for customers who want to buy ultrasonic cleaning machine is also a value factor, and therefore the service content and warranty content for the price of ultrasonic cleaning machine will also have some impact.

These are the main factors affecting the current price of ultrasonic cleaning machine, I hope it will help you.

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