How to clean the ducts? A quick way to clean your ducts

Nowadays, the contamination problem of water pipes is getting more and more serious because of the accumulated pipe contamination over the years, which leads to a drop in water pressure and even rust or foreign material outflow. These are the manifestations of contaminated pipes, so how do we clean the pipes?


In fact, cleaning all kinds of pipes is very simple, just use the professional ultrasonic pipe cleaning machine, you can safely and quickly solve the problem of pipe pollution, to protect the safety of our living water.

We all know that most of the pipes are now installed in the wall. There are many water pipe bends, and a lot of scale and bacteria accumulate in the water pipes. Therefore, it is impossible to clean the pipes by individual manpower alone.

The traditional common cleaning methods are chemical cleaning agents, high-pressure water gun cleaning and other methods. Chemical cleaning mainly uses chemical cleaning agents to clean the pipes for rust removal and scale removal. Although this method can also achieve a certain cleaning effect, but also has a fatal disadvantage, that is, if you use too much chemical cleaning agent, easy to pollute the environment.

High-pressure water gun using high-pressure water jet cleaning technology. High-speed water jet through the booster device pressure from the nozzle spray. This water jet has a high impact force to clean and strip the dirt from the pipe wall. This method is suitable for flat inner wall, such as curved and uneven pipes, which are difficult to clean and easy to waste water when the cleaning volume is large.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

Now, only professional ultrasonic cleaning machine is needed to clean these pipes. Ultrasonic pipe cleaning machine cleaning principle based on ultrasonic “cavitation effect” work. Ultrasonic pipe cleaning machine through the ultrasonic transducer will be converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration, so that the liquid in the cleaning machine tank to produce countless tiny bubbles, these bubbles in the role of high pressure instantly burst open and generate shock waves to remove the dirt inside the pipe wall. The unique cleaning process of ultrasonic pipe cleaning machine has the advantages of thorough cleaning, consistent cleanliness, not limited by the shape of the pipe, no damage to the pipe, no corrosion, etc.

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