Non-standard custom ultrasonic cleaning machine how to accept (in the acceptance of what should pay attention to?)

Any equipment has its own acceptance criteria, and ultrasonic cleaning machines are no exception. As a non-standard custom requirements for ultrasonic cleaning machine A purchaser, you should communicate with the ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers at the early stage of customization your main needs: such as the specifications and number of items to be cleaned, the functional requirements of cleaning, etc..

If conditions allow, you should agree on detailed product parameters, delivery time, payment information, etc. in the agreement. Then after receiving the product, the product will be accepted by product appearance, function test, product test, through water washing, etc.

How to accept the non-standard customized ultrasonic cleaning machine?

As a qualified ultrasonic cleaner R&D and production team, Granbo will conduct a comprehensive performance test on the ultrasonic cleaner before each customized product is delivered.

As a customer, you can choose to go to the manufacturer’s production base for acceptance, or you can mail the product to the designated location for acceptance.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

The main acceptance process of non-standard custom ultrasonic cleaning machine includes.

1、Observation of the product appearance for obvious wear and tear or deformation.

2、Checking the size of the product according to the agreed specifications.

3、Checking whether all accessories are complete.

4、Test washing of the product according to the operation manual and testing of all customized functions.

5、Observe whether the noise is too loud when test washing and check the test washing effect.

6、Run the ultrasonic cleaning machine for a long time and test the heat of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

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