What is PCL control system?What is the role of PCL control system in the ultrasonic cleaning machine?

PLC control system is a new generation of industrial control device formed by introducing microelectronics, computer technology, automatic control technology and communication technology on the basis of traditional sequence controller. The purpose is to replace relays, perform logic, timing, counting and other sequential control functions, and establish a flexible remote control system. It is characterized by high versatility, ease of use, wide adaptability, high reliability, strong anti-interference capability, and simple programming.

Simply put, it is a code driven emerging controller that drives the product to perform logic operations and complete the automation of the product.

What are the features and advantages of PLC control system compared with relay?

1、Easy programming

PLC programming mostly uses relay control ladder diagrams and instruction statements, the number is far less than microcomputer instructions. In addition to the medium and high-end PLC, small PLC generally only about 16. Because the ladder diagram is intuitive, simple, easy to master and use, even without computer expertise can also be programmed.

2、flexible configuration

As PLC adopts building block structure, users can change the function and scale of control system flexibly through simple combination. Therefore, it can be applied to any control system.

3、easy to install

Compared with the computer system, the installation of PLC does not require a special room, and does not require strict shielding measures. When using, it only needs to connect the detection device with the I/O interface terminal of the actuator and PLC correctly, and then it can work normally.

4、Fast running speed

As PLC control is executed by the program control, whether its reliability or operating speed, are incomparable to relay logic control.

About the PLC control system in the ultrasonic cleaning machine application

As far as the ultrasonic cleaning equipment on the market, manufacturers will only install PLC control system on large automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine.


The addition of PLC automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine in the basic process of cleaning work can be used PLC control program, and provide PLC control system software and hardware design, so that the system to complete the cleaning tasks on the production line, fully embodies the PLC has strong functionality, high reliability, simple programming, easy to use, small size and other advantages.

The PLC control system of Guanbo Technology automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts the ladder language of programmable controller for programming, and completes the programming and debugging of PLC to achieve the control requirements. In the ultrasonic cleaning production line, complete the automatic process of precision mechanical parts from cleaning to drying, received a good cleaning effect, improve production efficiency.

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