How to clean handicrafts? Efficient decontamination. Ultrasonic cleaning without harming the handicraft

Hand-me-downs are one of the products that many post-90s and post-00s are fond of. Now more and more people are entering the ranks of handicrafts, but for many players who like handicraft figure, it is easy to enter the pit and difficult to maintain. Such handmade products are more likely to accumulate dust. If they are placed directly on the table in the room without shade, they will quickly accumulate dust. The editor is in Shenzhen. The air quality here is not bad, but if you don’t take care of it for more than a week, a visible layer of dust will accumulate on the handicraft. If it’s in the north or a region with severe haze, it could be very serious.

So the question is, how to clean the hand-me-downs when they are dirty?

Not to search do not know, searched online, there are hair dryer, detergent, alcohol wipes …… you, or too young, I can only say that these methods treat the symptoms not the root cause: hair dryer certainly not (dust is okay, oil is afraid of Mo get a little way), detergent with clean water to clean this to meet the dead ends up certainly crazy. And alcohol may damage certain materials of handicrafts.

To solve the above cleaning pain points, must be introduced to a hard-core products: ultrasonic cleaning machine.

jewelry/glasses/tooth/spare parts/ home portable intelligent ultrasonic cleaner
jewelry/glasses/tooth/spare parts/ home portable intelligent ultrasonic cleaner

Many friends may not have heard of ultrasonic cleaning machine. Its cleaning efficiency is unmatched by ordinary cleaning equipment. Ultrasonic cleaning machine as a new technology equipment in the 21st century, can be cleaned through its unique “cavitation effect”. Objects 360 ° no dead-end cleaning, whether it is oil or dust, a key to fix. Cleaning handicrafts naturally, save time, effort and heart.

How to choose ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean handicrafts?

You can choose according to the number of handicrafts. Generally speaking, if the number of cleaning at a time is not too much, then choose a small capacity, do not worry about the frequency is not enough. In fact, the application of small ultrasonic cleaning machine in the consumer and commercial sectors has been very mature. There are also many brands available in the market. Small ultrasonic cleaner in addition to hand washing, but also can clean glasses, watches, necklaces and other small objects, etc., can be said to be a multi-purpose machine, do not worry about useless.

Granbo’s small home ultrasonic cleaning machine, the body is lightweight, well-made. The appearance is beautifully designed. After the noise reduction process, the noise is almost zero. Foolproof operation is designed for personal and family customers.

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