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Types of ultrasonic cleaning machine, parameters and precautions for use

Before the ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually replaced the traditional immersion, scrubbing, pressure washing, vibration cleaning, steam cleaning and other process methods, and has been applied to more professional production enterprises. Ultrasonic cleaning machine efficiency and high cleanliness thanks to the sound waves in the medium when the propagation of the penetration and cavitation effect.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

Under the action of ultrasonic waves, the general cleaning of oil removal, rust prevention, phosphating, etc. can be completed in only two or three minutes. Compared with traditional methods, the speed can be increased by several times to dozens of times, and the cleanliness can reach high standards. This highlights the results in many cases where product surface quality and productivity have high requirements that are difficult or irreplaceable by other processing methods.

The current types of ultrasonic cleaning machine can be broadly divided into.

1, according to the size can be divided into: large ultrasonic cleaning machine, small ultrasonic cleaning machine, micro ultrasonic cleaning machine

2, according to the field of use can be divided into: home ultrasonic cleaning machine, commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine

3, according to the cleaning tank can be divided into: single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, double-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, three-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, four-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, five-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine and other multi-slot cleaning machine

4, according to the actual use can be divided into: medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, car repair ultrasonic cleaning machine, spark plug ultrasonic cleaning machine, glasses ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc. to the actual use of a variety of ultrasonic cleaning machine to name

Ultrasonic cleaning machine main parameters.

1. Ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency: ≥ 20 KHz, can be divided into 3 segments: low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency.

2. Cleaning medium: ultrasonic cleaning is a combination of physical and chemical action to fully and thoroughly clean the object. The chemical effect of the cleaning medium can accelerate the effect of ultrasonic cleaning, generally including chemical solvents, water-based cleaning agents, etc.

3. Power density: Power density = emitted power (W) / emitted area (cm ²) usually ≥ 0.3W/cm ². The higher the power density of ultrasound, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the cleaning speed, the better the cleaning effect. However, for precision objects with high surface finish, long-term high power density cleaning will lead to the object surface “cavitation” corrosion.

4. Ultrasonic frequency: the lower the ultrasonic frequency, the easier the cavitation generated in the liquid, the greater the intensity, the stronger the effect, suitable for the initial cleaning of the workpiece . When the frequency is higher, ultrasound has a strong directional, suitable for cleaning of precision objects.

5. Cleaning temperature: the higher the temperature of the cleaning agent, the more significant the effect. Ultrasonic cavitation effect is good at 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. Usually, in the actual application of ultrasound, the use of 50 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ working temperature.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine use precautions.

1. prohibited in the absence of cleaning fluid to start the ultrasonic cleaning machine; when there is a heating function, cleaning equipment without liquid, it is prohibited to open the heating switch.

2. Prohibit the use of heavy objects (iron) hit the bottom of the cleaning tank, so as not to damage the energy converter chip; cleaning tank bottom should be cleaned regularly, there should not be too much debris or dirt.

3. When the ultrasonic cleaning machine each time a new liquid replacement, only after the ultrasonic start to clean.

4. Ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply and heater power must have a good grounding device.

5. Ultrasonic generator power supply should be used alone all the way 220V/50Hz power supply and equipped with more than 2000W voltage regulator.

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