Can plastic products be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Customers often ask whether the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used to clean plastic products? If yes, what will be the effect on the workpiece after cleaning? Will damage?

First of all, we have to know a point, the effect of ultrasonic cleaning and the elastic modulus of the material is related. And different materials can absorb ultrasonic energy differences are different, and plastic modulus of elasticity is much smaller than the metal, at the same time, it has a strong absorption capacity of ultrasound.

It is also worth mentioning that the plastic material is relatively weak corrosion resistance, so it can not be cleaned in corrosive liquids, and the texture of plastic is relatively soft, and stainless steel is very different, and we all know that ultrasound can not clean fragile items, so whether plastic products top the role of ultrasound?


After testing by our professional engineers, the ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used to clean ordinary plastics without causing damage to plastic products. Please note that the cleaning temperature of the cleaning solution is about 50 ℃ is appropriate. In cold weather, if the temperature of our cleaning fluid is low, its cavitation effect will become relatively poor and the cleaning effect will be relatively poor, which requires heating to increase the temperature of the cleaning fluid.

Therefore, when we use ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning, we should learn to control the temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning machine according to different materials. If the control is not proper, it may cause irreversible damage to the workpiece.

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