What is the way to clean the oil cylinder? One way to teach you quick cleaning

The rod in the cylinder becomes black. The specific reason is that the hydraulic oil in the cylinder has not been replaced by a new one for a long time, resulting in discoloration or deterioration of the hydraulic oil, which leads to the problem of this phenomenon. And can be cleaned with oil cylinder ultrasonic cleaning machine. Also the cylinder must be strictly cleaned before installation and operation. The purpose of cleaning is to remove the welding slag, metal powder, rust flakes, fragments of sealing material, paint and coating inside the hydraulic cylinder. Otherwise the hydraulic cylinder can not work properly, affecting the service life of the components and even causing major accidents.


Cleaning method and operation precautions.

Cylinder ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used to clean the cylinder and live column stored in the sludge, dust, dirt, etc., but there are certain cleaning methods and precautions;

1, follow the general operating procedures of general mechanical equipment.

2, before work must also observe.

① check whether there is a leak in the piping system, if so, should notify the maintenance personnel to repair.

② check whether the cleaning fluid is sufficient, if not enough, increase the cleaning fluid in a timely manner.

③ first start the test run, then empty run 2-3 minutes, check the transmission system (motor, coupling) and conveyor belt movement is smooth, to confirm that all normal, before the operation.

3, work must also comply with.

①The cleaned tank and so on should be sent to the metal brush head in the transport vehicle flat

②The cleaned tank should not be stopped on the transporter. Pressing the stop button will make the machine stop running.

③The cleaning liquid should be added regularly with water and a certain proportion of dirt cleaning agent to replenish the dosage and keep the liquid level at a certain height. If the cleaning effect does not meet the specified process requirements, all cleaning fluids should be replaced.

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