Ultrasonic cleaning machine after the use of what must be done

The maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment can guarantee and repair the technical characteristics of the equipment, ensuring that the equipment has good usability and reliability. In order to make the ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment work properly and efficiently, carry out essential maintenance and maintenance, can extend the use of the equipment period. The usual maintenance cycle is fifteen days.


Ultrasonic cleaning machine routine maintenance and maintenance

1. Keep the equipment workplace ventilation, dry, clean, conducive to the long-term efficient operation of equipment and optimize the working environment conditions;

2. Washing liquid is too dirty should be dealt with in a timely manner, regular cleaning of the cleaning tank, storage tank dirt, keep the cleanliness of the cleaning tank and the appearance of clean, can improve the durability of the cleaning tank;

3. Keep the electrical control box and equipment vents away from water vapor, corrosive gas and dust, and regularly clean the attached dust with compressed air;

4. Regularly test the insulation performance of the equipment, regularly check the electrical components that are prone to aging, check the grounding wire to ensure that the equipment is well grounded;

5. Regularly test the power supply to confirm that it meets the requirements of the equipment’s power supply voltage, avoiding long-term work under an unstable power supply that is too high or too low;

6. Equipment with filtration device, regular replacement of the filter core;

7. with transmission mechanism, should be regularly filled with grease, oil and other lubricants as required, and regularly replace the gear oil of the reducer to ensure that the moving parts work under good lubrication conditions.

8. Cleaning box and pipeline found in the deposition of spoils, should be promptly cleaned; regular replacement of cleaning fluid, the recommended replacement cycle of 15-20 days. When the cleaning fluid in the discharge before, must be sure that the equipment in the stop working state .

Ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance points

1. In the cleaning process, we should pay attention to many places, especially from the top of the ultrasonic control cabinet air inlet spilled into the conductive liquid (such as, water), otherwise it will cause serious damage to the cleaning machine wiring system;

2. Usually placed, always pay attention to keep the machine clean, turn off the power when not in use;

3. Our machines are not crash-resistant products, so when using, to avoid collision or violent vibration of the machine;

4. machine at high temperatures, the electronic components and lines are not good, so we have to stay away from heat sources;

5. In away from the heat source this at the same time, we also want to avoid putting the machine in a humid environment;

6. Machine continuous working time shall not exceed 4 hours, such as continuous working time is too long: should rotate the ultrasonic adjustment knob to “0” bit, and let the cooling fan continue to work, in the state of ultrasonic cleaning does not start for ultrasonic control cabinet continuous heat dissipation for at least 2 minutes;

7. After a long period of operation of the cleaning machine, the power knob should first be adjusted to zero before shutdown, the use of its fan and then work for 3 to 6 minutes after shutdown to ensure that the power internal heat dissipation;

8. Cleaning fluid should be precipitated, filtered or replaced in time to ensure the cleaning effect.

To make the system cleaning machine long-term normal work, in addition to avoid non-standard operation, but also regular maintenance and maintenance of the cleaning machine, do the following aspects of work.

① Periodic cleaning of the reservoir was contaminated cleaning fluid.

② regularly let the oil pump run once, each time at least 10min above.

③ cleaning machine with a cover after use, do a good job of dust and moisture workers.

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