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What is the process technology of ultrasonic cleaning machine and what is the process?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine contains what process technology?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer production and working principle:

Ultrasonic transducer
Ultrasonic transducer

Ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer is imported industrial vibration head, stable transducer performance, strong ring energy rate, the process of ultrasonic cleaning is the use of high frequency of ultrasound, through the transducer into a high-frequency function, and then act on the liquid medium in the cleaning tank, so that the liquid cavitation, the continuous formation of fine bubbles, and quickly burst, resulting in strong impact impact on the surface of the object stains, so that the stains are damaged, emulsified, the Stripping, until the stain is separated, so as to achieve the cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning machine to solve the appearance of complex design, there are deep holes, blind holes, gaps in the workpiece cleaning, with deep clean effect. Ultrasonic cleaning machine transducer is the core of the technology contained in the ultrasonic wave.

The production technology of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning tank:

Cleaning tank
Cleaning tank

The inner liner of the ultrasonic cleaner is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which has high quality performance such as anti-corrosion, rust and high temperature resistance, and it is formed by one-time stamping, which is the center of the technology contained in the ultrasonic cleaner, no welding, no gap, no leakage, safety and security, the inner liner is thickened by 2.1MM, which is not easy to deform, collapse and wear holes, durable and has a service life of 5-10 years.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine body production process:

Ultrasonic cleaning machine composition
Ultrasonic cleaning machine composition

Ultrasonic cleaning machine body parts connected by advanced argon welding technology, respectively: pouring, polishing, polishing, embossing, sealing oil a total of five processes, each process has a strict control, the craftsmanship of the unique, superior quality, real materials, no doubt.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine operating panel high-tech:

gs0101 ultrasonic cleaner
gs0101 ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning machine operating panel after layers of advancement of continuous forging improvement and innovation, not only the formation of R & D team, committed to research and development in line with the ultrasonic cleaning machine circuit board, in order to cope with the characteristics of the times of renewal, and continue to add more humane design, and vigorously promote the comprehensive practicality and cost performance of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, to achieve value for money, the best use. Ultrasonic cleaning machine with intelligent digital key regulation design, respectively, time, temperature, power free control, filtering cycle ultrasonic cleaning machine also has a filtering cycle system device, configuration drying function, so that it is difficult to dry naturally or even manual wipe can not be completely short time to dry cleaning objects instantly dry, immediately use, do not need to wait.

Ultrasonic period cleaning machine industrial process.

(A) common process flow process is mainly affected by the cleaning agent, according to the cleaning agent to be divided, generally can be divided into: water-based ultrasonic cleaning machine line and solvent-based ultrasonic cleaning machine line, which, solvent-based to ultrasonic vacuum cleaning machine line mostly.

1, water-based ultrasonic cleaning process

1) feeding;

2) ultrasonic cleaning;

3) spray rinsing;

4) ultrasonic cleaning;

5) ultrasonic rinsing;

6)Water cutting;


8) discharge.

2, solvent-based ultrasonic cleaning process


2) ultrasonic vacuum cleaning;

3) vacuum rinsing;

4) vacuum drying;

5) vacuum recovery;

6) discharge.

For solvent-based ultrasonic cleaning needs to be pointed out that some current ultrasonic cleaning machine does not combine vacuum cleaning technology. Therefore, in the use of the recommended use of high flash point cleaning agent, while in the cleaning to ensure that the cleaning tank cooling equipment to open, to ensure that the temperature of the cleaning agent in a safe range.

(B) process points combined with the analysis of process impact parameters and the main process flow, comprehensive ultrasonic cleaning in the process points are as follows.

1, for the workpiece pollutants to choose the appropriate cleaning agent;

2, according to the workpiece material, structure and shape, as well as the initial choice of pollutants ultrasonic frequency;

3, to ensure that the workpiece does not produce the premise of cavitation corrosion, optimize the setting of ultrasonic frequency and power spectrum density to achieve the desired cleaning effect;

4, determine the height of the detergent level, determine the workpiece placement position;

5, cleaning agent recycling cycle, control the flow rate of cleaning agent;

6、Determine the temperature of the cleaning agent;

7、Determine the cleaning time.

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