Auto parts oil is difficult to clean, with auto parts ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto parts
Ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto parts

Ten thousand feet high building from the ground, a brick and a tile are the foundation, and auto parts is the foundation of the entire automotive industry, so in order to ensure the quality of safe and reliable auto parts, then a good cleaning is essential. In addition, cleaning parts is also a more important work in the car maintenance and overhaul.

When disassembling each assembly into parts, the oil, carbon and scale must be removed from the parts in order to assemble the assembly and the whole car smoothly. By cleaning the inside and outside of the car and cleaning the assembly parts, problems (abnormal wear, cracks, looseness, etc.) can be detected in time and measures can be taken to prevent dangers.

Dirt on car parts includes external deposits and lubricant residues. These stains have different nature and properties and usually have high adhesion, so they are not removed from the surface with the same difficulty or method. However, the following requirements must be met after cleaning.

1, the surface should be clean, no oil and scale deposits, intuitive and fresh.

2, all accessories shall not have foreign matter, dirt or impurities on the surface. After the removal of dirt can show the original color of the metal, no scratches.

3、All kinds of oil pipes, water pipes, gas pipes should be clean and smooth, no carbon, no scale, no caking, no foreign matter, no blockage.

4、All protection and filtering devices are kept clean, dust-proof, sound-deadening and filtering functions. If the above requirements are met, the quality of maintenance can be guaranteed.

The traditional cleaning methods for each part of the car.

Water-based cleaning machine process: spray rough wash – N rinse – hot air drying

Solvent cleaning machine process: rough washing – fine washing – steam bath washing – vacuum drying

Today, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine has become a common solution for the industry. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve a better cleaning effect, 360 degrees without dead-end cleaning, narrow space cleaning. Granbo ultrasonic cleaning machine capacity 30-960L, support capacity non-standard customization, with cleaning, filtering, drying function, support non-standard function customization.

Cleaning video.

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