Ultrasonic cleaning machine why can remove oil? Ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove the oil effect is good reason

Speaking of oil removal effect of very good equipment we will certainly think of ultrasonic cleaning machine, but more people for his experience of the cleaning effect may be relatively deeper, for oil removal effect of this aspect of understanding may not be particularly much, so today we will briefly understand why ultrasonic cleaning machine can remove oil, why its oil removal effect is so good.

10l bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine oil removal and decontamination
10l bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine oil removal and decontamination

Ultrasonic cleaning machine why can remove oil?

First of all, ultrasonic cleaning machine work must have cleaning fluid, ultrasound in the cleaning fluid sparse and dense forward radiation, so that the liquid flow, and produce tens of thousands of tiny bubbles, these bubbles are in the ultrasonic longitudinal propagation of the negative pressure zone formation and growth, and in the positive pressure quickly closed, this is the cavitation effect of ultrasound. Ultrasonic cleaning machine without the aid of cleaning agents and can not remove oil. Because it is only a physical shock effect, only with the corresponding cleaning agent to cooperate in order to strip the oil. Both are indispensable!

What is the effect of ultrasonic oil removal? Cleaning effect show.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine oil removal effect why so good?

One, the impact is large

Speaking of ultrasonic cleaning machine will basically mention the role of cavitation, and this role can be good for repeated impact on the dirt layer, can effectively destroy the adsorption of oil and cleaning equipment surface, and at the same time can promote the rapid separation of the oil layer and the surface between cleaning.

Second, the role of scrubbing obvious

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can be very good for the solid surface scrubbing, when there is oil on the solid surface cracks, bubbles can enter the cracks, and follow the equipment vibration frequency of rapid vibration, help the oil quickly from the equipment surface off, quickly complete the oil cleaning.

Third, emulsification effect is good

As oil and cleaning fluid are two kinds of liquid, so in the case of rapid vibration, the two liquids can be quickly dispersed within an interface, and produce emulsification. And after the emulsification effect occurs, the equipment wrapped in oil can quickly fall off from the oil, oil removal cleaning is completed.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine oil effect is a major reason for its high-frequency vibration characteristics and unique technology, so whether it is oil or dust solids, in the high-frequency vibration cleaning can quickly fall off the surface of the equipment, to achieve a better cleaning effect. So for many industries its role is very practical, and does not produce loss of equipment being cleaned.

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