Hardware parts, machinery and equipment to remove oil and rust and other cleaning work using which kind of equipment is better?

In the cleaning of hardware parts, the effect of ultrasonic cleaning is much better than other cleaning methods. At present, in some specialized, group of large production enterprises, ultrasonic cleaning machine has long replaced the traditional immersion, brushing, vibration cleaning, steam cleaning and other methods.

The penetration and cavitation shock waves generated when the sound waves propagate in the medium, so that the ultrasonic cleaning machine has the advantages of high efficiency and high cleanliness. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning machine can easily complete some manual difficult to clean cleaning tasks. For example, for cleaning complex shapes, small voids and internal cavities of the parts; general oil removal, rust prevention, phosphating and other processes, the use of ultrasonic speed than traditional methods to improve several times to tens of times, cleanliness also reached a high standard. Therefore, the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the premise of high requirements for surface quality and productivity mentioned, more distinguished from others, better than others.

Generally speaking, ultrasonic cleaning machine should be a better choice for cleaning hardware parts. Its advantages are there for all to see.

First, no manual contact with the cleaning fluid, safe and reliable. Can also clean the deep holes, crevices and hidden parts of the workpiece.

Second, is a high cleaning accuracy, can strongly clean the tiny dirt particles.

Third, the cleaning speed is fast, good cleaning effect, high cleanliness, consistent cleanliness of the workpiece, no damage to the surface of the workpiece.

Four, greatly reduce the discharge of acid, alkali and other pollutants.

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