What is high frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine?


What is a high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine? Those who know know, ultrasonic cleaning machine is generally divided into low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine and high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine.

High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency range of 50KHz-80KHz, low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency range of 20KHz-40KHz. currently on the market commonly used low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine has 28KHz and 40KHz two kinds of frequency, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine has 65KHz and 80KHz two kinds.

So, in what case to use high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine?

In the purchase of ultrasonic cleaning machine, the choice of ultrasonic cleaning machine frequency is very delicate. Many people do not know whether to choose a low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, or high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, here is a brief introduction.

Because the ultrasonic frequency will affect the ultrasonic cavitation threshold, the higher the ultrasonic frequency, the higher the cavitation valve. High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine in the cleaning fluid cavitation intensity is low, high cavitation density, cleaning penetration, so high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning grooves, slits, deep holes and other workpieces, such as high-precision parts, optical glass, laboratory glassware, semiconductor materials, electronic devices, etc.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

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