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Ultrasonic cleaning machine brand too much how to choose?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in all kinds of biological and pharmaceutical laboratories, machinery and equipment and processing enterprises, food and catering enterprises, electronic equipment and commercial fields, because very popular with everyone, but because the user’s use varies, so the ultrasonic cleaning machine artificially divided into a lot of categories.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine can be divided into three main categories: 1, home ultrasonic cleaning machine; 2, commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine; 3, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, and ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers focus on different directions, so the first step should start with the manufacturer.

One, ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers to choose the method of.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

1, to understand the cleaning machine manufacturer information

Before buying an ultrasonic cleaning machine, you need to know in detail whether its manufacturer its quality is reliable. And the important thing to buy equipment is to buy the product quality assurance. This can be judged from the ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers where, how big, how long established, how much manufacturing experience and so on.

2, pay attention to whether the business provides after-sales service

Good manufacturers, it is impossible to ensure that its ultrasonic cleaning machine will not have problems, so when buying need to pay attention to whether the manufacturer provides after-sales service and warranty service. If there is no manufacturer to provide after-sales service, do not have to consider.

3, look at the popularity and reputation

In the purchase of some of the more important products, we need to understand whether the brand of the product is well-known, and in the purchase of ultrasonic cleaning machine, we need to pay attention to its brand, whether it is a high-quality brand, whether the reputation is good, so that you can buy a satisfactory ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Before buying an ultrasonic cleaner, it is necessary to know more about the manufacturer. If you have time to buy, it is advisable to shop around and choose the right brand, price, service, so that you can buy the ideal ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Second, the choice of ultrasonic cleaning machine parameters

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

1, the choice of power

Ultrasonic cleaning effect is not necessarily proportional to (power × cleaning time), sometimes with a small power, spend a long time also did not remove the dirt. And if the power reaches a certain value, sometimes the dirt will be removed soon. If you choose too much power, cavitation intensity will greatly increase, the cleaning effect is improved, but then make the more precise parts also produce corrosion points, the loss is not worth it, and cleaning the bottom of the cylinder vibration plate at the cavitation is serious, the water point corrosion also increased, in the use of trichloroethylene and other organic solvents, basically no problem, but the use of water or water-soluble cleaning solution, easy to be subject to water point corrosion, if the vibration plate surface has been scarred, strong Power under the water bottom cavitation corrosion is more serious, so to choose the ultrasonic power according to the actual use of the situation.

2, the choice of frequency

Ultrasonic cleaning frequency from 28kHz to 120kHz, in the use of water or water cleaning agent caused by the cavitation of the physical cleaning force is obviously beneficial to low frequency, the general use of 28-40kHz or so. For small gaps, slits, deep holes in the parts cleaning, with high frequency (generally more than 40kHz) better, or even a few hundred kHz. on the clock parts cleaning, with 400kHz. if the broadband FM cleaning, the effect is even better.

3, the use of cleaning basket

Washing basket
Washing basket

In the cleaning of small parts items, often use the net basket, due to the mesh to cause ultrasonic attenuation, to draw special attention. When the frequency is 28khz when using more than 10mm mesh is good.

4, the choice of cleaning fluid temperature


Water cleaning fluid suitable for cleaning temperature of 40-60 ℃, especially in the cold if the cleaning fluid temperature is low cavitation effect is poor, the cleaning effect is also poor. Therefore, some of the cleaning machine in the cleaning cylinder around the outside of the heating wire for temperature control, when the temperature rises cavitation is easy to occur, so the cleaning effect is better. When the temperature continues to rise after the gas pressure within the cavitation bubble increases, causing the impact sound pressure decreases, reflecting the multiplicative effect of these two factors.

5, on the amount of cleaning fluid and the location of the cleaning parts to determine

General cleaning fluid level above the surface of the vibrator more than 100mm is good. Due to the single frequency cleaning machine by the impact of standing wave field, the wave section at the amplitude is very small, the wave amplitude at the amplitude caused by uneven cleaning. Therefore, choose the location of cleaning items should be placed at the wave amplitude.

6, ultrasonic cleaning process and the choice of cleaning fluid

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

In the purchase of cleaning system before, should be cleaned to do the following application analysis: clarify the material composition of the washed parts, structure and quantity, analysis and clarify the dirt to be removed, these are to decide what kind of cleaning method to be used, to determine the application of water-based cleaning fluid or solvent prerequisites. Cleaning process also need to do cleaning experiments to verify. Only in this way, we can provide a suitable cleaning system, design a reasonable cleaning process and cleaning fluid. Considering the physical properties of the cleaning fluid on the impact of ultrasonic cleaning, which vapor pressure, surface tension, viscosity and density should be a significant impact factors. Temperature can affect these factors, so it will also affect the efficiency of cavitation. Any cleaning system must use cleaning fluid.

When choosing a cleaning fluid, the following three factors should be considered.

(1) cleaning efficiency: when choosing an effective cleaning solvent, be sure to do experiments. Such as the introduction of ultrasound in the existing cleaning process, the solvents used generally do not have to change.

(2) simple operation: the liquid used should be safe and non-toxic, simple operation and long service life.

(3) cost: the use of cheap cleaning solvents is not necessarily low cost. Use must take into account the cleaning efficiency of the solvent, security, a certain amount of solvent can clean how many workpieces and other factors of utilization. Of course, the cleaning solvent chosen must achieve the cleaning effect, and should be compatible with the workpiece material being cleaned. Water is commonly used and common cleaning solution, so the use of water-based solution system is easy to operate, the use of low cost, widely used. However, for some materials and dirt, etc. is not applicable to water-based solutions, then there are many solvents available.

7, different cleaning solutions, to distinguish the cleaning system

Water-based system: usually consists of an open slot, in which the workpiece is submerged. And complex system consists of multiple tanks, and equipped with recirculation filtration system, rinse tank, drying tank and other accessories.

Solvent system: mostly ultrasonic vapor phase grease removal cleaning machine, often equipped with waste liquid continuous recovery device. Ultrasonic vapor phase grease removal process is completed by the solvent evaporation tank and ultrasonic dip tank formed by an integrated multi-slot system. Under the joint action of hot solvent vapor and ultrasonic agitation, oil, grease, wax and other solvent-soluble dirt is removed. After a series of cleaning processes under the workpiece fever, clean, dry.

8, Cleaning parts processing

Another consideration of ultrasonic cleaning is the cleaning parts on, off the material or the design of the tooling to place the cleaning parts. Cleaning parts in the ultrasonic cleaning tank, whether the cleaning parts or cleaning parts basket shall not touch the bottom of the tank. The total cross-sectional area of the cleaning piece should not exceed 70% of the cross-sectional area of the ultrasonic tank. Rubber and non-rigid plastic will absorb ultrasonic energy, so such materials should be used with caution when the tooling. Insulated cleaning parts should also draw special attention. Work basket design is not appropriate, or the workpiece is too heavy, even if the good ultrasonic cleaning system efficiency will be greatly reduced. Hooks, shelves and beakers can be used to support the cleaning parts.

9, cleaning time, the type of workpiece, the number of clear

Ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto parts
Ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto parts

Consider the use of machine work mode is fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual. Machine size, cost.

10, Other

Cleaning a large amount of dirt parts are generally used to dip, spray and other methods of pre-cleaning. After removing most of the dirt, then use ultrasonic cleaning of the remaining dirt, then the effect is good. If cleaning small items and the shape of complex items (parts), if the use of cleaning nets or make cleaning objects rotate, while vibrating with ultrasonic radiation, can get uniform cleaning.

The above is about how to buy ultrasonic cleaning machine method, I hope it is useful to you.

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