Can ultrasonic cleaning machine clean the computer keyboard? How is it done?

In modern life, most people are manually clean the keyboard apart or directly with a rag, which is not only easy to cause scratches on the keyboard, but also can only remove part of the stains on the surface of the keyboard, most of the viruses and bacteria will remain on the keyboard, so the major task of cleaning the computer keyboard to the ultrasonic cleaning machine can solve this problem.

Granbo production of computer keyboard ultrasonic cleaning machine can do the fine crevices and small holes to achieve high precision cleaning, but also to thoroughly remove the keyboard in the dust, cookie crumbs, coffee, rubber shavings, hair and other debris, the surface of the computer keyboard will not cause scratches, not to mention the need for so much trouble to separate the keyboard, Weigut ultrasonic cleaning machine to change the traditional cleaning method of time-consuming, laborious, the introduction of The ultrasonic physical cleaning method of high efficiency, stain bacteria without residue!

The following is the Granbo computer keyboard ultrasonic cleaning machine has the advantage of making the description.

1, Granbo computer keyboard ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning can save labor advantages often make it an economic way to clean;

2, the cleaning machine vibration surface steel plate using 2.0mm thickness 304 # stainless steel plate, the surface electroplating 50um hard chrome, the vibration surface strengthening treatment, to extend the service life of the cleaning machine;

3, ultrasonic transducer using imported high-quality products, effective use of time up to ten years;

4, the new electronic circuit drive, power using thyristor control, precise control, efficiency greatly improved;

5, the temperature and time of the new digital setting and control, more accurate and reliable;

6, all working states are controlled by microcomputer, with memory function, can remember the work parameters set in the previous time, convenient cleaning operation;

7, the operation panel is located in the machine safety, cleaning operation cleaning basket loading and unloading will not touch the operation switch, so that the waterproof performance is enhanced;

8, the keyboard can be cleaned without disassembly, flexible and easy to install and use, simple and convenient maintenance.

Cleaning computer keyboard using Granbo computer keyboard ultrasonic cleaning machine without worrying about the problems that exist, so obvious cleaning advantages are enough to prove that the computer keyboard ultrasonic cleaning machine can completely kill viruses and bacteria, in addition, it is worth mentioning that Granbo ultrasonic cleaning machine can also wash the computer circuit board, motherboard Oh!


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