How to use ultrasonic period cleaning machine to clean the keyboard

Earlier, researchers found that the dirty things in the world are not only feces and sludge, but also the keyboard that almost every office worker touches every day! The keyboard is a tool that we need to use, and it is a great place to hide dirt and grime, with about 2g of debris deposited every day, including but not limited to hair, dust, soot, sweat, grease, and snack crumbs.

Keyboard Cleaning
Keyboard Cleaning

Previous experts have done relevant tests, the bacteria on the keyboard is about 100 times the normal situation, 5 times the toilet, not to mention the dirty keyboard. See here, is there an impulse to immediately remove the keyboard cleaning it? So how to clean the keyboard?

At present, people’s awareness of the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the keyboard is still relatively low. Usually, the use of manual wipe to clean the keyboard. Some people are used to scrub the keyboard with a wet cloth, thinking that it is clean and seems to be unnecessary to disassemble and clean. However, although the wet wipe can remove some dirt that can be seen on the surface of the keyboard, but most of the viruses hidden in the crevices of the keyboard still remain on the keyboard and continue to harm our health. At the same time, the moisture in the wet cloth under the pressure of scrubbing can easily penetrate into the crevices of the keyboard, resulting in the oxidation of keyboard parts or rust. And some production keyboard maintenance department or manufacturers will use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the keyboard. Computer repair stores do not do a lot of cleaning, generally choose a single tank of small ultrasonic cleaning machine.

If you are more concerned about the cleanliness of the keyboard, you may want to try using ultrasonic cleaning machine plus computer-specific cleaning agents to clean the keyboard. This cleaning method will not only not cause scratches on the surface of the computer, but also clean the surface of the computer. The crevices and small holes are cleaned with high precision to thoroughly kill viruses and bacteria. For most people, it may not be clear how the keyboard should be put into the cleaning machine for cleaning.

The following is a small explanation of how to use ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the keyboard of desktop computers.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the keyboard steps are as follows.

1, prepare a screwdriver or a small screwdriver to carefully remove the key caps;

2, after demolition of the key caps from the back of the keyboard to disassemble the panel;

3, the rubber pad, circuit board to take off; (these are not cleaning parts Oh)

4, then use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the key caps and keyboards;

5, to the cleaning machine filled with water, add cleaning agent (detergent, washing powder), start cleaning button;

6, cleaning 10-15 minutes later, take out the keyboard and some key caps and then rinse clean with water;

7, after cleaning, the keyboard shell and key caps for air-drying, with a hair dryer or put in front of the electric fan to air-dry.

8, then the air-dried keyboard shell and keycaps are assembled back in the same way.

Cleaning video.

Here to remind you, if you want to clean the keyboard by hand, wipe with water can only play a simple dust removal effect, and almost no damage to the bacteria. We recommend that you wipe the surface of your keyboard with 70% alcohol. This will kill most of the bacteria, and then wipe it off with water. Remember to be gentle, gentle, gentle during the wiping process. Rubbing too hard can cause scratches on the surface of the keyboard, and scratches are more likely to hide dirt and bacteria.

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