How does the ultrasonic cleaner work? What is the role of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Now, we all know that ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid, acceleration and straight into the flow, the direct and indirect impact on the liquid and dirt, so that the dirt is dispersed, emulsified, stripped, to achieve the purpose of cleaning. So how does the ultrasonic cleaning machine work? What are the functions? Today, Granbo editorial for you to introduce.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is how to work?

First, the ultrasonic generator emits a high-frequency oscillation signal, and then through the ultrasonic transducer into a high-frequency mechanical oscillation and passed to the cleaning fluid, so that the ultrasound in the cleaning fluid rapid radiation, and the liquid will flow under the action of ultrasound, the formation of countless tiny bubbles. These bubbles in the ultrasonic longitudinal propagation of the negative pressure zone to form and grow, and in the positive pressure zone quickly closed. This process is called the “cavitation” effect. Cavitation effect generated by the bubble closure, can form more than 1000 air pressure transient high pressure. Continuously generate instantaneous high pressure, like a series of small “explosions”, constantly impact the surface of the object. The object surface and crevices of the dirt quickly stripped, so as to achieve the purpose of thoroughly clean the surface of the object.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle
Ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

What is the role of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine scope of application
Ultrasonic cleaning machine scope of application

1, the role of precision instruments: the above is the role of ultrasonic cleaning. Professional ultrasonic cleaning machine in the packing of wall clocks and precision instruments dispensed with the former traditional cleaning methods, do not have to disassemble the screws, gears, clockwork and some other precision delicate parts, as long as the shell is taken off the whole into the cleaning tank with a professional detergent can be. Ultrasonic cleaning machine to bring us in the day to help there are many, including banks, finance and offices are often used to. It can be said that the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the day everywhere, according to the different cleaning items, the use of professional cleaning agents and cleaning instruments. Ultrasonic not only will not damage the instrument, but also a good cleaning and maintenance of the instrument, in the day is our essential helper.

2, the role of optical instruments: ultrasonic cleaning of the lens cleaning has a unique, some optical lenses, a variety of glasses, microscopes, cameras, magnifying glasses, cameras and telescopes in the lens and parts after the ultrasonic cleaner cleaning, not only can clean as new but also will not have any damage to the lens.

3, the role of family life: in everyday life ultrasonic cleaning has many unknown roles, such as gold and silver jewelry, razors, water pens, toothbrushes, dentures, combs, CDs, etc. Also contains milk bottles, pacifiers and fruit. In the daily life is generally used for some jewelry, household stuff and fruit cleaning together with sterilization. Ultrasound can also be used in the beauty of skin care, long-term use can also adhere to the skin lubrication and tender elasticity.

4, the role of ornament processing: in the jade processing often use many messy shapes and gaps and more workpieces. In the process of grinding and polishing jade and ornaments, there will be a lot of dust and dirt attached to the jade and ornaments. Ultrasonic cleaning can be the traditional cleaning methods can not clean up the dirt clean as new, some slim crevices are not wrong.

5, ultrasound also has the function of destroying the cell wall, so you can achieve the effect of sterilization, and because of cavitation can emulsify oil, remove pesticide residues. So it becomes the ultrasonic dishwasher that we are familiar with today.

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