Small CNC ultrasonic cleaning machine how to use? CNC ultrasonic cleaning machine use steps

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine
Small ultrasonic cleaning machine

Small CNC ultrasonic cleaning machine before the start of the preparation :

1. After opening the box, check whether the parts are loose.

2. The machine is placed in a ventilated and dry place, to ensure that the machine is in a horizontal position.

3. According to the cleaning required to add the appropriate amount of cleaning fluid in the cleaning tank.

4. Correctly connect the power plug: Please make sure that the power supply is reliably grounded.

5. Adjust the ultrasonic working time: turn on the power switch, after power on, the time display are shown “05 00”. Each time you press the time Δ key, the time increases by 1 minute; each time you press the time ▽ key, the time can be reduced by 1 minute. (Free to choose and digital countdown control.) .

6. Adjust the working temperature (if necessary, select heating again): After power on, the temperature setting screen and the actual temperature screen display “50” and “actual temperature number” respectively. When the temperature is lower than the actual temperature, the operation is invalid. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating indicator goes out. When ultrasonic works, the set temperature and the actual temperature are displayed at the two temperature displays respectively. 7.

7. After setting the working time and temperature, press ON/OFF lightly, the machine will work according to the agreed parameters. Press ON/OFF again, the machine stops working. Then disconnect the whole machine power, pour off the cleaning solution, use a clean cloth to clean the tank and the periphery of maintenance, in preparation for the next use.

gs0101 ultrasonic cleaner
gs0101 ultrasonic cleaner

The use of small CNC ultrasonic cleaning machine precautions: 

1. When the normal operation of the ultrasonic wave, should hear the ultrasonic wave and the tank resonance of the uniform sound, and the surface of the cleaning fluid without excitation, only the cavity blast caused by the water splash, if there is intermittent oscillation, please add some cleaning fluid or reduce some cleaning fluid, eliminate the oscillation is beneficial to cleaning objects.

2. In the premise of ensuring the cleanliness of the cleaning object, as far as possible intermittent work and not heating, because heating and long ultrasonic work will make the box accumulated temperature rise, easy to accelerate the aging of electronic devices in the box.

3. Never use flammable cleaning agents.

4. When the cleaning tank without cleaning fluid, must not open the heater and ultrasonic.

5. Prevent the cleaning solution and water splashed into the chassis and the shock.

6. If foreign objects fall into the bottom of the tank should be removed immediately.

7. Change the liquid or drain the liquid, should be in the tank cleaning fluid for room temperature, and must be turned off and draw off the power cord.

8. often clean and remove the dirt in the cleaning tank.

9. The old liquid for the new, should be in the shutdown state and at room temperature, high temperature for liquid will lead to deformation of the tank, discoloration.

10. Each time the machine is turned on, the working time should not be too long, it is recommended that the machine should be turned on for about 30 minutes to stop for a few minutes to dissipate heat in order to better maintain the machine.

11. The machine should avoid using under direct sunlight or working under high temperature environment.

12. The ultrasonic generator should be kept well ventilated, avoid working under strong acid and alkali or harsh environment.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine composition
Ultrasonic cleaning machine composition

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