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What are the factors that affect the effect of ultrasonic cleaning? How to choose the brand of ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

With the continuous development of the cleaning industry, more and more companies began to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine, but because of the cleaning method does not understand, resulting in unsatisfactory cleaning results. The following, follow me to understand the impact of ultrasonic cleaning effect factors:

How to improve the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine?
How to improve the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

The five factors that affect the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning

1, ultrasonic cleaning machine temperature

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in 40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ when cavitation is appropriate. The higher the temperature, the more conducive to the decomposition of dirt, but when the temperature reaches 70 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ later, it will affect the role of ultrasound, reducing the cleaning effect.

2, the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning time

The longer the cleaning time, the better the effect, except for special materials

3, ultrasonic cleaning machine of other factors

Many factors, such as the type of cleaning fluid and dirt.

4, ultrasonic cleaning machine power density

The higher the power density, the stronger the cavitation effect, the better the cleaning effect, the faster the cleaning speed. For difficult to clean the workpiece should use large power density, for precision workpiece should use small power density. (General cleaning machine ultrasonic power density should be selected in 0.5/cm2)

5, the ultrasonic frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine

The lower the frequency, the better the cavitation, the higher the frequency, the better the refraction effect. For the simple surface is appropriate

The use of low frequency, for complex surfaces and deep holes blind holes should be used high frequency.

How to choose the brand of ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

1. workpiece material, characteristics, size, product use: material mainly distinguish metal, glass products, plastic, etc., characteristics mainly to avoid some unsuitable for the use of ultrasonic or the corresponding cleaning fluid occasions, to provide size is conducive to the machine inside the slot and power confirmation, the product’s use of the description can allow suppliers to quickly provide similar or similar use of the product process and solutions based on past experience;

2. The composition and characteristics of the material to be removed: such as cutting oil and chips for machining, polishing wax, stamping oil, abrasives for optical lenses, etc.

3. Choice of detergent, past experience: choose water-based detergent process machine or organic solvent-based machine, consider its warping, production safety, etc.

4. Daily output and upstream and downstream process equipment production capacity: users should plan the design of machine capacity according to the current production capacity, avoid blindly put forward too high capacity requirements according to the five-year and ten-year development plan, because the high capacity machine in the unsaturated capacity using conditions, its water consumption and energy consumption is larger, occupying a relatively large area, the relative equipment investment is also high, resulting in its full life use economy is bound to be poor.

5. Washing process and drying process selection: according to their own experience or peer use experience, combined with the supplier’s proposed improved process options.

6. Equipment acquisition cost and whole life use costing, whole life use costing should focus on including power consumption, water consumption, consumables, maintenance cost consideration, even if the same process design of the machine, due to the different design ideas will also lead to the above use costing of large differences.

7. Waste emission and environmental issues: Some export-oriented enterprises should also consider the policy of the export destination region of the product restrictive regulations.

8. Of course, in the purchase before placing an order, if there is no mature cleaning process recommended to do more than one wash experiment with the supplier to verify the effect of the process, should become an essential part.

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