What should be noted in the ultrasonic crusher when crushing cells? Ultrasonic cell crusher use precautions

Cells are composed of many molecules, and molecules are composed of many atoms, but for people who do experiments to study cells, many times the study is only part of it, but like molecules and atoms so that we can not see with the naked eye, not to mention that there is no say to separate them by hand, in order to solve this problem there is the existence of cell crusher.

Ultrasonic crusher is also called ultrasonic microwave co-extraction device, ultrasonic cell lysis device or ultrasonic nanomaterial crusher. The ultrasonic cell crusher is composed of two parts: ultrasonic generator and transducer, many of which are also not equipped with isolation speakers to reduce the working noise and keep the laboratory quiet.

Ultrasonic generator: the signal generator will generate a specific frequency signal. This a specific frequency is the frequency of the transducer. Ultrasonic equipment generally use ultrasonic frequency of 20KHz, 25KHz, 28KHz, 33KHz, 40KHz, 60KHz.

Transducer assembly: The transducer assembly mainly consists of a transducer and a horn.

The principle of ultrasonic cell crusher is to convert electrical energy into acoustic energy through the transducer. This energy is converted into dense small bubbles through the liquid medium. The small bubbles quickly burst and generate energy like small bombs that can destroy cells and other substances.

Since the ultrasonic cell crusher has the functions of crushing tissues, bacteria, viruses, spores and other cell structures, homogenizing, emulsifying, mixing, degassing, disintegrating and dispersing, leaching, and accelerating reactions. Therefore, it is widely used in biology, medicine, laboratory research and enterprise production in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, environmental protection and other fields.

So what issues should be noted when using the ultrasonic crusher?

1, temperature protection set point must be more than 5 ℃ higher than the room temperature or sample temperature. When the temperature protection occurs can press SET Jian for more than 4 seconds to reset the protection value. Set the wrong temperature can also press SET key for more than 4 seconds to reset.

2、It is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine when the variable amplitude rod is not inserted into the liquid (no load), otherwise it will damage the transducer or ultrasonic generator.

3, the amount of various cell crushing, time duration, power size, to be determined by the user according to a variety of different cells and then feel, choose the best value. This instrument output power is larger, such as the choice of Ф2, Ф3 or Ф6 variable rod, the power should be opened to a smaller, so as not to overload the variable rod and break.

4, with a certain amount of time after the end of the variable amplitude rod will be cavitation corrosion and hair, available oil stone or file to file flat, otherwise it will affect the work effect.

5, Variable amplitude rod selector switch use

Variable amplitude rod selection switch is used to match the frequency of different specifications of the variable amplitude rod and the generator, the consistency of the impedance. If the frequency of the transducer components and generator impedance is not consistent, ultrasound will not work.

When the new instrument or new with the variable amplitude rod, the selection switch should be played in the corresponding position. When the variable amplitude rod wear can be toggled switch to ultrasound work properly until, at this time, the gear and variable amplitude rod specifications do not necessarily correspond.

Ultrasonic cell crusher variable amplitude rod selection switch factory generally played in the position corresponding to the variable amplitude rod, when the variable amplitude rod wear, the user is free to choose the gear to the normal ultrasound work, the gear and variable amplitude rod specifications do not necessarily correspond to this time.

6、No need to preheat, use should have good grounding.

7, in the ultrasonic crushing, due to the ultrasonic wave in the liquid cavitation effect, so that the liquid temperature will quickly rise, the user should pay more attention to the temperature of various cells. It is recommended to use a short period of time (no more than 5 seconds each time) for multiple crushing, while the ice bath can be added to cool.

8, ultrasonic cell crusher with no frequency transformer switch power supply, do not touch the generator case after opening, to prevent electric shock. The instrument performance is reliable, generally not easy to damage.

9, ultrasonic cell crusher should be placed in a dry, non-humid, no direct sunlight, no corrosive gases work.

10、Practice shows that: short time of multiple work, working time 1-2 seconds, gap time 1-2 seconds, than continuous long time working effect. To prevent the liquid from heating up, a longer gap time can be set. In addition, uninterrupted long working time is easy to form an idle, shortening the service life of the instrument.

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