Ultrasonic cleaning machine does not ultrasound or ultrasonic effect is very low reasons and processing methods

Ultrasonic cleaner in a longer period of use, the quality is good again also inevitably produce many abnormalities, so the use of personnel more or less should understand many simple, common fault problem solving methods. Next, I will introduce the ultrasonic cleaning instrument for the big guys of the equipment failure and solution.

1、the equipment does not ultrasound

If the ultrasonic cleaning instrument produces no ultrasound such anomalies, the first thing to check the power supply voltage, if the rated value or produce large fluctuations, it is necessary to immediately replace. The second to check the power plugs, switches and terminals, wires, if loose to reconnect solid. Also need to check the insurance and transistor, if there is an abnormal spark sound or damage, it is necessary to immediately replace the new insurance and transistor.

2、Ultrasonic effect is weak

After starting the ultrasonic cleaning instrument, if you find that the ultrasound is very weak or the phenomenon of whistling, then first check the cable, transducer and insulation resistance value, after ensuring that these are not damp and damaged, we must check the power supply voltage, if it is too low, we must take the appropriate method to ensure that the voltage meets the requirements and then check the temperature of the cleaning fluid to ensure that the temperature is in line with the range of use of the equipment.

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