Can pearl necklace be washed by ultrasonic cleaning machine?

The answer is no, pearl necklace with ultrasonic cleaning will destroy the structure of the surface of the pearl.

Pearl necklace
Pearl necklace

Ultrasonic cleaning machine does have a very good cleaning effect on K gold gemstone jewelry, especially it can clean the oil and dust in the crevices of gemstones that cannot be brushed by brushes. But ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for all gemstones, such as emeralds, pearls …… and other special structure stones. The structure will be damaged during ultrasonic cleaning, so you should avoid using ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning.

Why can’t pearl necklace be cleaned by ultrasonic?

The working principle of ultrasonic cleaner is to use the cleaning solution as a medium to emit low frequency wavelengths to wash off the dirt on the gemstone, but the jewelry cleaning solution contains chemical components, and pearls are in contact with chemicals. The ingredients are easily corroded, and the pearls are not very hard. The vibration of the ultrasonic cleaner and the chemical reaction of the cleaning solution can be devastating to the pearls.

How to clean pearl necklace

1, prepare a clean towel, the towel should be soft and clean.

2, first wipe off the top easy to clean things.

3, soak the towel with soapy water and scrub again.

4, you can also go to the market to buy a special cleaner, use cotton swabs to clean carefully.

5, cleaning is a careful job. After careful cleaning, your pearl necklace will look brand new.

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