Ultrasonic cleaning machine power why will appear to weaken or become smaller?

If the power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is reduced or weakened, the possible causes are generally as follows.

1, the equipment has been used for too long, the transducer began to age, the performance decay. Solution: appropriate to increase the ultrasonic power, but this method is not durable, easy to increase the heat of the transducer. If you want to solve the problem, it is recommended to replace the transducer.

2, whether the transducer is damp, insulation resistance value is normal, or part of the transducer is damaged, replace the damaged transducer can be.

3、Whether the cable is externally damaged or damp, whether the power supply voltage is too low.

4, whether the transducer is off, open glue and other phenomena, cleaning the bottom of the tank whether the impact of vibration-absorbing materials or workpieces.

5, power supply in the ring can its working point drift, readjust the working point.

6, cleaning machine power is low. Replace or modify the power supply and increase the number of transducers.

7, the impact of the working environment, such as temperature, cleaning agent type, liquid level, etc.

8, other unknown reasons for the weakening of ultrasonic waves, such as the placement of cleaning materials, cleaning agent replacement, etc.

Of the above problems, it is more likely to be the cause of the transducer. If the power is low or weakened, you can first check whether there is a problem with the transducer. If the problem can not be found temporarily, the need to use ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can continue to use, but due to the power reduction, you need to increase the appropriate washing time.

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