What are the main application scenarios of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine?

With the development of technology, ultrasonic cleaning machine as a new type of process, because of its good cleaning effect, high cleanliness. Cleaning speed, improve production efficiency, do not need to manually contact the cleaning fluid, reliable. For deep holes, slits and hidden parts of the workpiece can also be cleaned. No damage to the surface of the workpiece, save solvent, heat, workplace and labor and other advantages, has been vigorously developed, then the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly used in those places?

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

1、Surface treatment industry.

Plating before the removal of carbon, remove oxide, remove polishing paste, oil and rust removal, ion plating before cleaning, phosphate treatment, metal workpiece surface activation treatment, etc.

2、Machinery industry.

The removal of anti-rust grease; cleaning of gauges; mechanical parts of the oil and rust removal; engine, carburetor and car parts cleaning; filter, filter unclogging cleaning, etc.. Especially in the railroad industry, the oil removal and decontamination of the train carriage air conditioner, the anti-rust, rust and oil removal of the various parts of the front of the train is very suitable.

3、Electronic industry.

Printed circuit boards in addition to rosin, solder spots; high-pressure contacts and other mechanical and electronic parts of the cleaning, etc.

4, the medical industry.

Disinfection of medical equipment, sterilization, cleaning, cleaning of laboratory vessels, etc.

5、Semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor wafer cleaning of high cleanliness.

6, the watch and jewelry industry.

Removal of dust, oxide layer, polishing paste, sludge, etc.

7, instrumentation industry.

High cleanliness of precision parts before assembly cleaning, etc.

8, optical industry.

Optical devices in addition to sweat, dust removal, oil removal, etc.

9、Textile printing and dyeing industry.

Cleaning, spinnerets, drawing boards, textile spindles, etc.

10、Petrochemical industry.

Cleaning and dredging of metal filters, cleaning of exchangers, chemical containers, etc.

11、Chemical and biological industries.

Cleaning and descaling of experimental vessels.

12、other industries.

Certain food areas of liquid defoaming (to remove dissolved air) paper and photographic materials manufacturing, etc.

The above is the main application areas of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine so far, I believe that with the development of science and technology and progress, the application areas of ultrasonic cleaning machine will be more and more extensive.

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