How to eliminate ultrasonic cleaning machine noise

In fact, ultrasound, or ultrasound by strict definition, is a sound wave that is inaudible to the human ear, generally above 20 kHz. But in fact, ultrasonic cleaners do produce sound. This is the sound produced after the cavitation effect of ultrasonic cleaning, but also the sound produced by the bubble on the wall of the water tank, this sound is different with the ultrasonic frequency, the size of the sound, the frequency is also different. The normal ultrasonic cleaner sound should be consistent, there can be no noise and whistling sound.

Sound, Silence
Sound, Silence

It is worth noting that the noise generated by the ultrasonic cleaner on will have a certain negative impact on the human auditory system, but not harmful. As long as the control within a certain range, not a long time in the noise environment will not cause any serious harm to the human body.

So how should we deal with the noise of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

1, add sound insulation accessories, and the washing container sealed up: high-frequency noise is highly directional, and with short wavelengths, which means that it is easy to be absorbed by obstacles reflecting acoustic materials. Therefore, you can ultrasonic cleaning equipment container bottom, end face and around the addition of sound insulation accessories, such as sound insulation silk cotton, etc..

2, ear protection: isolate the noise through ear plugs and other means, but this will also hinder the ability of employees to listen to instructions.

3, buy specially done noise reduction treatment of the ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment, such as the Guan Boshi silent ultrasonic cleaning machine series.

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