What can small home ultrasonic cleaning machine do?

Daily life always need to clean a lot of things, and the cleaning process will often take up too much of their own time, then you can use ultrasonic cleaning machine to help you solve, so you can work while doing another thing to save time. So small home ultrasonic cleaning machine can wash what?

Small household ultrasonic cleaning machine can generally be used to clean everyday items, such as

Small ultrasonic cleaning machine
Small ultrasonic cleaning machine

1, valuable items – such as gold and silver jewelry, jewelry, jade, jewelry, watches, etc. Such valuable items require careful maintenance, wear a long time the gloss will decline, manual cleaning can not be restored. Previously are to go to the store maintenance and repair, but with a home ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can put directly into the cleaning, very convenient.

2, glasses – in today’s widespread use of electronic devices, myopia more and more. Whether you wear frame glasses or contact lenses, dust will stick to them over time. Hand washing is not only difficult to clean the dust in the corners, and serious water damage, cleaning is even less clear. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve very good cleaning effect, general opticians will be equipped with ultrasonic cleaning machine.

3, pacifiers, bottles, dentures and braces – such items need to be put in the mouth, not only hand washing is difficult to clean, and easy to stain bacteria, but the ultrasonic cleaning machine is different, it can use ultrasonic cavitation to achieve efficient cleaning effect, without contaminating the items.

4, other items – for example: pens, ink cartridges, plates, tableware, fruits and vegetables and other supplies can also be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine, can achieve efficient cleaning, sterilization effect.

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