Can electric razors be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine? Electric razor cleaning method

Razor is generally divided into two kinds, namely electric razor and non-electric razor, its cleaning method is very different, cleaning razor is actually the main cleaning razor head part, so electric razor can use ultrasonic cleaning?

The answer is yes, electric shaver can be cleaned with ultrasonic.

The use of ordinary household ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean the electric razor

Cleaning method: the need to clean the part into the ultrasonic cleaning machine, open the cleaning machine cleaning can be, if more oil, you can add some cleaning fluid, fully automatic cleaning, cleaning after just rinse again with water.

1.3l low noise commercial household ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry glasses
1.3l low noise commercial household ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry glasses

The advantages of using: save time and effort, prepare an ultrasonic cleaning machine, add the right amount of water in the tank, the head of the razor into the water, and then put some shower gel, a key to open the ultrasonic cleaning machine, under the action of ultrasound, the razor is cleaned clean. Really do free your hands. Disadvantages: too good, will be addicted to use.

And if there is no ultrasonic cleaning machine can also be manually cleaned:.

Cleaning steps.

Step 1, open the back cover of the electric shaver, first remove the battery, then open the front cover.

Step 2, remove the front cover, clean the inner disc of the electric shaver. Then remove the front cover parts, you can borrow some brushes and other small tools for initial cleanup, brush off small shavings.

Step 3, and then put the removed parts into the water for cleaning. After washing, use a towel or paper towel to wipe the water on the parts.

Step 4, the clean parts one by one to install back, install the battery and on the back cover can be.

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