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Is the headache after exposure to ultrasonic cleaning machine the relationship between ultrasonic radiation?

People who have used ultrasonic cleaning equipment know that ultrasonic cleaning machine in the work will make an uncomfortable sound. This sound is caused by high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning work. Then people will have questions. This ultrasonic equipment has radiation? In fact, there is no need to worry. Although most electronic devices have more or less radiation, ultrasonic cleaning machine is also the same, but the harm to the human body is minimal. After all, ultrasound is different from the microwave oven in the microwave.

Ultrasonic transmission requires a medium, usually water, so we usually add water to the cleaning tank of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is operated by the action of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration on water molecules, the energy is also absorbed by the water, so it will not cause any harm to people. The reason for the sound is that it is not ultrasound, humans can not hear ultrasound. This also needs to explain the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine: when the ultrasonic wave action on the liquid, the liquid will produce tens of thousands of bubbles, constantly bursting, producing extremely high energy shock waves, up to thousands of atmospheric pressure, this phenomenon is called “cavitation”.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine principle and characteristics
Ultrasonic cleaning machine principle and characteristics

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is the use of liquid bubble explosion generated by the shock wave, the workpiece gap inside or outside of the cleaning and cleaning. Ultrasonic waves will propagate in the liquid, so that the liquid and cleaning tank oscillate together with ultrasonic frequency. When the liquid and cleaning tank oscillation, they have their own inherent frequency. Therefore, when people use the ultrasonic machine, they will hear the vibration. A “slurping” sound. At first, you may not be used to hearing it and feel uncomfortable, but it is psychological and actually harmless to the human body.

The attenuation rate of ultrasonic waves in the air is large in magnitude, so the impact of ultrasonic waves on the human body is not significant.

If you have to say that industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine is harmful to the human body, it is the problem of contact with the human body. During the work of the washing machine, if you do not wear gloves directly touch the water in the ultrasonic tank that is working, you will feel the subtle changes and feel uncomfortable. Users should try to avoid putting their hands directly into the sink while working. If you must touch it, please wear gloves to ensure safety. If you are still unsure, we recommend that you do not stay next to the machine for a long time while the ultrasonic cleaner is working and try to minimize the contact with the cleaning agent.

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