Why ultrasonic cleaner can remove oil and dirt?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine for work must have cleaning fluid to achieve good oil removal effect. Cleaning fluid is composed of surfactants and auxiliary detergents, when it is applied to the surface of the cleaning object, combined with the dirt or melt, so as to play the role of cleaning and decontamination


Ultrasonic cleaning machine oil removal principle.
Ultrasonic cleaning machine principle is based on the role of ultrasonic cavitation, when the ultrasonic cavitation effect on the cleaning liquid, thus forming countless tiny bubbles, the moment these small bubbles are formed, due to the increased pressure in the cleaning fluid, bubble rupture to generate shock waves, this impact can be detached from the surface of the workpiece oil, in addition, bubble rupture will also generate high temperature and pressure, strengthening the role of emulsification, dissolution, accelerating the Oil removal process, to achieve efficient oil removal effect.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine in addition to oil show.

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