Can I use ultrasonic cleaning machine for laboratory beakers?

The answer is yes! Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine can not only clean the experimental beaker, but also can be used to clean the laboratory test tubes, Petri dishes, pipettes, slides, volumetric flasks, conical flasks and other types of experimental vessels. In the experiment, if the beaker cleaning is not in place, it will make the experimental data error, affecting the accuracy of the experimental results, which may eventually lead to experimental failure, the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine can meet the high degree of cleaning required by the laboratory, all the containers, beakers and test tubes in the laboratory are precision instruments. The experiment needs high definition washing degree to ensure that the experimental process is not contaminated.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine
Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

The use of laboratory ultrasonic cleaner is as follows.

(1) Please refer to the ultrasonic cleaning machine installation instructions to connect the cleaning machine power.

(2)Add an appropriate amount of water in the cleaning tank, the liquid level height to be cleaned submerged parts shall prevail, generally not more than three-quarters of the cleaning tank.

(3)Start the electric heating switch, and point the white scale on the water temperature adjusting knob to the suitable temperature (should be around 60°C). The high temperature of the washing machine should not exceed 70°C during the use.

(4) When the water temperature rises to about 40°C, add the cleaning items into the cleaning tank.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine use precautions.

1, the ultrasonic cleaning machine power supply and electric heater must have a good grounding device.

2, it is prohibited to open the ultrasonic cleaning machine without detergent, that is, if there is no amount of detergent added to the cleaning tank, you can not open the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

3, there is heating equipment in the cleaning equipment without liquid, it is forbidden to open the heating switch.

4, it is strictly prohibited to use heavy objects to clean the bottom of the cleaning tank, so as not to damage the inverter chip.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance methods.

1, the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine will be placed in a place away from bacteria.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine is generally made of 304 materials. Usually after use, in order to prevent accidents, laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine should be placed in a timely manner away from bacteria, in order to avoid the erosion of various bacteria on the equipment caused by damage and pollution.

2, timely cleaning of the stubborn dirt left after work.

After each use of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine should be timely cleaning work, cleaning the residual liquid in the tank and the surface accidentally fallen liquid and dirt, so as not to affect the normal use of subsequent ultrasonic cleaning machine. This is because once the stubborn dirt attached to the cleaning machine for a long time, may affect the normal use of the cleaning machine and cleaning effect.

3, regular inspection of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine key components.

Regardless of the quality of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, should be observed through regular inspection of the key components of the operational status. With these parts, the cleaning machine can be stable operation. If the parts are not properly maintained, cleaning machine inside and outside will have different degrees of problems, experimental instruments may be damaged by machine failure, so this situation should be avoided.

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