How to avoid ultrasonic cleaning machine damage cleaning items?

Ultrasonic cleaning is non-destructive to most cleaned parts. Although the effect of thousands of microbursts per second is powerful, the cleaning process is safe because the energy is at a small energy level. There are exceptions, however, may damage the cleaned workpiece. The following, Granbo ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer’s editor will introduce how to avoid ultrasonic cleaning equipment cleaning items.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine book
Ultrasonic cleaning machine book

Avoid ultrasonic cleaning machine to avoid damage to cleaning items in the following ways.

1, do not use chemically corrosive cleaning fluid;

2, do not put the cleaned object on the vibration surface of the machine;

3, high ultrasonic density will have an impact.


1, the cleaned object placed directly on the surface of the ultrasonic vibrating body will cause slight scratches on the surface of the workpiece. Cleaning basket and other reasonable cleaning methods should be used. Workpiece in placed in the tray or mesh basket with holes. Recommended reading:Why Do You Need Ultrasonic Cleaning Basket, Ultrasonic Cleaning Mesh Basket Role What?

2, ultrasonic power density is too large, may damage some valuable and fine items, such as quartz, opal, pearl, emerald, malachite, emerald and coral. Cleaning such items should be careful, can use ultrasonic power can be continuously adjusted ultrasonic equipment. Recommended reading: ultrasonic cleaning machine can be washed what types of jewelry

3、Do not use the cleaning solution that is chemically corrosive to the cleaning object. Because the potential negative effect of the cleaning agent on the workpiece being washed is likely to be enhanced by ultrasound. Should be careful to choose the right ultrasonic cleaning agent. Recommended reading: the role of ultrasonic cleaning agent and the use of methods and precautions

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