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What types of jewelry can be washed by ultrasonic cleaning machines?

As we all know, with the development of technology, ultrasonic cleaning machine into the civilian market, professional ultrasonic cleaning has been able to replace the traditional cleaning mode in many industries, such as ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash jewelry. But do you know that not all jewelry can be used ultrasonic cleaning machine, so those jewelry can be cleaned, those can not?


Can not use the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean jewelry.

1, no edge-set and micro-set jewelry can not be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine, to prevent the jewelry on the gemstone off.

2, organic gemstones, Opal, turquoise, emerald, etc., because the hardness is too low, easy to break.

3, cat’s eye, pearl, jade, tanzanite, malachite, green, ruby, lapis lazuli and coral, because the hardness is too low, easy to break.

4, pearl jewelry, jade, crack more serious gemstones can not be cleaned with ultrasonic.

Can use ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning jewelry.

1, gemstones: mainly refers to colored gemstones, rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, emeralds, garnets, etc.. Because of the different hardness of various gemstones, high hardness can be cleaned with ultrasonic cleaning machine. And the low hardness can not, such as emerald can not.

2, gold and silver: mainly refers to gold, 18K gold, silver, platinum, etc.. Gold and silver jewelry due to long-term wear or improper preservation of stains, dust and loss of luster, these are normal phenomena, you can use professional ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine to clean, long time not wear metal jewelry clean to take closed pockets to prevent oxidation black.

3, jade class: mainly refers to jade, Hetian jade, chalcedony, etc.. The maintenance of jade is often worn for the best, the body’s natural secretion of oil can form a maintenance effect on jade, will make jade appears more and more oily, jade jewelry can be cleaned with warm water, with a soft brush gently brush jewelry can be, should not be put into the ultrasonic machine cleaning, inside the cracks easily shattered.

4, diamond class: mainly refers to ordinary white diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, etc.. Micro-setting and no edge-setting diamond jewelry cleaning can be taken off the diamond and then put into the ultrasonic cleaning machine inside the cleaning, ordinary claw-setting, encrusted can be directly into the ultrasonic cleaning machine inside the cleaning.

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