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Can coated glasses be cleaned with ultrasonic waves? Will it cause damage

With the development of the times, because coated glasses have the advantages of anti-blue light, prevent external lines, anti-oil, etc., so now the glasses are basically coated, and coated lenses are the use of optical film and vacuum of the new technology, the surface of the lens coated with a layer of material to improve the ability of the lens to reflect light, to enhance or reduce the role of light through. Therefore, most of the ultrasonic cleaning machine instructions for use: ultrasonic cleaning machine is not applicable to coated glasses. So, does it mean that the ultrasonic cleaning machine now can no longer clean glasses?


The answer is no, most lenses are considered to use ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning, and most of the opticians use ultrasonic cleaning machine to customers’ glasses for cleaning, you can see that for glasses cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning is a very professional and effective tool, but the use of some details still need to pay attention to, or easy to damage the glasses.

The following details need to be noted.

1, do not clean sunglasses. The sunglasses are coated in a different way than ordinary glasses, and are more likely to be damaged if you use ultrasonic cleaning.

2, like some wood, tortoiseshell and some other natural materials used in the frame, frequent use of ultrasonic cleaning will make it lose its luster, reduce the toughness.

3, do not frequent use of ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic cleaning machine has many advantages, cleaning glasses is also very suitable, but frequent cleaning is easy to cause damage to glasses, it is recommended to use once or twice a week.

4, the use of ultrasonic cleaning time should not be too long, generally cleaning a few minutes of time is enough, the longer the duration of the damage to the glasses will be greater, should not be a long time cleaning.

5, one of the characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning is more comprehensive cleaning, can clean the gap between the glasses connection, but the fingerprints on the lens cleaning effect is general, so after cleaning can be used to dry the lens with a special cleaning cloth, cleaning effect will be better.

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