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Ultrasonic cleaning glass glasses with watermark how to solve?

With the increasing demand for cleanliness of glass eyeglass lenses nowadays, it is not only a challenge for glass lens manufacturers, but also a challenge for cleaning agent and cleaning equipment suppliers, so why do glass eyeglasses produce watermarks after cleaning?


1. The hardness of the water may be relatively high (more than 20ppm)

2. Surfactant residue in the ultrasonic cleaning solution.

3. Environmental pollution, the presence of microscopic dust and other impurities in the air.

Solution: Keep the working environment as clean as possible, if there is surfactant in the cleaning solution, wash with pure water after cleaning, then blow away the water beads with a strong fan and dry vertically.

Warm tips.

Frequent use of ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean glasses, easy to make the screws on the glasses appear loose.

For some metal frames, frequent use of ultrasonic cleaning machine is also easy to metal surface protection film damage, more likely to rust.

Like some wood, tortoiseshell and some other natural materials used in the frame, frequent use of ultrasonic cleaning machine will make it lose its luster and reduce the toughness.

And now many lenses will choose to be coated with a layer of coating, to let the lens to get some additional features, such as anti-radiation, and anti-dust adsorption, and frequent use of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning will be easy to destroy the coating on the lens.

Therefore, for washing glasses, the frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine should not be too high, it is recommended to wash once a week or two.

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