Ultrasonic cleaning machine has a whistle how?

The so-called ultrasonic waves, should be more than 20KHz waves, acoustically speaking, is a wave inaudible to the human ear. Normal ultrasonic cleaner sound should be consistent, there should be no noise and whistling sound.

Ultrasonic whistling is due to part of the transducer can not adapt to the cylinder and the water level, water temperature changes, water shaking, etc.. The problem is difficult to artificially solve it, because it and the water temperature, cleaning agent, cleaning tank, etc. are related, generally in the workpiece or cleaning basket out or into the more serious!

The ultrasonic cleaning machine issued by the “weng” sound source, not the sound of ultrasound itself, but the sound of ultrasonic cleaning cavitation effect, but also the sound of bubbles on the wall of the water tank, this sound with the ultrasonic frequency is different, the size of the sound, the frequency is also different.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine work will have a “zhi” sound is the ultrasonic wave in the liquid, while the same vibration with the ultrasonic frequency, this frequency is the liquid and cleaning tank inherent frequency, the traditional human ear on the formation of the zhi sound we hear.

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