Can I use laundry detergent as ultrasonic cleaning agent?

In the process of using ultrasonic cleaning machine, often use cleaning agent, and for ultrasonic cleaning agent, some customers who buy ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning hardware must be very confused. Can you use laundry detergent as a cleaner? Ultrasonic cleaning machine with detergent or laundry detergent is not the same?

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

Before using ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean hardware parts, in order to achieve better cleaning effect, we will choose to buy cleaning agent. However, for some customers, the cost of cleaning agent is very high, they will want to know if there is something that can replace the cleaning agent to achieve the same cleaning effect, and the price is cheap. This is where laundry detergent becomes one of the targets because it costs less. It can also remove stains. You can clean with laundry detergent, but it doesn’t work well for all cleaning objects. For some cleaning products, for wax and dust removal, some washing powder can be poured into ordinary water for cleaning. A good cleaning effect can be achieved. However, when used for oil removal, the cleaning effect of washing powder is not so good. It is recommended to use special detergent for oil removal.

Customers who clean a large amount of products can contact the manufacturer when purchasing an ultrasonic cleaner, consult the manufacturer, inform the requirements of the products to be cleaned, the quantity to be cleaned, and some ideas of their own. The ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer will customize the ultrasonic cleaner to fit your product. If you want to save water, you can also buy a washing machine with filtration and circulation, so that the water can be recycled without frequent water changes. You can also add more features such as heating, dual frequency, CNC or mechanical adjustment. In fact, no matter what kind of hardware you clean, there are special cleaning agents, such as wax removal cleaner, decontamination cleaner, etc. In order to have a better cleaning effect, it is recommended to use special cleaning agents.

The advantage of ultrasonic cleaning machine is that its cleaning method is to immerse the hardware into the liquid in the cleaning tank, using the high frequency of ultrasonic, through the transducer will be converted into high-frequency kinetic energy, and then act on the liquid medium in the cleaning tank, adding cleaning agent to make the liquid cavitation, the continuous formation of countless fine gas bubbles, and quickly burst, to produce impact impact on the surface of the object, so that the surface dirt away, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning . In this way, as long as the parts can be covered with water can be cleaned, thorough and complete, leaving no dead ends. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can batch cleaning hardware, unlike manual cleaning, so the cleaning efficiency is very high.

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