Ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash gold jewelry will wash the gold less is true?

As people’s pursuit of beauty becomes stronger and stronger, and people’s ability to buy jewelry becomes more and more common, cleaning gold jewelry has also formed a trend. Small ultrasonic cleaning machine is more common, but with the popularity of ultrasonic cleaning machine, many people have questions. That is, whether cleaning gold jewelry with ultrasonic cleaning machine will damage the jewelry, because many people found that the weight of gold after cleaning is not as good as before, for this phenomenon, today will explain to you.

Gold Jewelry
Gold Jewelry

First of all, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is certainly no problem. Cleaning gold jewelry ultrasonic cleaning machine and cleaning glasses lens ultrasonic cleaning machine are small ultrasonic cleaning machine. Moreover, even if the cleaning ability is strong, it will not wear the gold, because the principle of ultrasonic cleaner is unique cavitation. This is not going to hurt the gold.

If there is a problem, it is also out of the cleaning fluid. Many black-hearted merchants use strong acids and other chemicals as cleaning agents. After cleaning, the gold is corroded, and then the washed gold is recovered by chemical replacement reaction. Such shady dealers did this before there were ultrasonic cleaners, so you must find a store you can trust to clean gold and other valuables.

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