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Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine how to set the frequency, power and other equipment parameters

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly for the laboratory, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, physics, zoology, agronomy, food, pharmaceutical and other industries special apparatus cleaning and analysis of the object of sample pretreatment, crushing, emulsification, dispersion, solubility, extraction extraction, defoaming degassing, accelerated chemical reaction, nano-preparation, etc., while suitable for high precision parts of high cleanliness cleaning conditions applications, then Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine power is generally how much? How should be set how to set the frequency, power and other equipment parameters?

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine
Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

1、Cleaning power

Ultrasonic cleaning machine power, the greater the sound intensity, the greater the radius of the cavitation bubble, cavitation intensity increases, the stronger the cavitation, which is conducive to the cleaning effect, but not the greater the power, the better the cleaning effect, high sound power cavitation effect is obvious, will produce a large number of useless bubbles, which will increase the diffraction attenuation, which will affect the cleaning effect away from the sound source of the parts to be cleaned. And cleaning vibration plate cavitation corrosion more serious, resulting in shorter equipment life. But if the power of ultrasonic cleaning machine is small, will cause cleaning time is long or cleaning effect is not good. Therefore, what kind of cleaning objects, choose what kind of power. For example, if the height of the workpiece within 30cm, then the choice of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the inner tank height of about 40cm, choose the bottom single vibration can be, the power to maintain in 0.3 ~ 0.5W per square centimeter. If the workpiece is large, or each time the amount of cleaning is large, we choose the height of the tank in more than 40cm, generally in accordance with the liter power to count, generally choose in 11w / L.

2、Cleaning frequency

Ultrasonic cavitation effect is reduced with the increase in cleaning frequency, low frequency, cavitation is easy to produce, the cleaning liquid is subjected to compression and thinning effect has a longer time interval, so that the cavitation bubble can grow to a larger size before bursting, increasing the strength of cavitation, generally suitable for cleaning dirt and workpiece surface bonding high areas; high-frequency ultrasound, it is the other way around. It can be seen that the low frequency is usually used to clean large particles of dirt, high frequency is used to clean micron-level dirt, megafrequency can be used to clean the micron, submicron-level dirt. Experimental vessels, instruments usually have different sizes of dirt particles attached to the surface, so in the laboratory field can be selected according to the cleaning needs of different ultrasonic frequency combinations, in order to achieve the desired cleaning effect.

2、Cleaning time

The longer the ultrasonic cleaning time, the better the cleaning effect, however, this time is an interval value, too long also easy to cause cavitation corrosion effect. In the laboratory, medical research and other places. The object to be cleaned more precise and detailed, vibration intensity should not be too high. Generally choose the frequency of 40KHz or more ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning time is generally 5-30 minutes. Specific time can be based on the object and the severity of the stain to assess the specific time can be tested on their own.

3、Cleaning temperature

At home, wash the dishes of friends know that when there is no detergent, the use of hot water to wash dishes as well as oil removal. The principle is actually very simple, the material activity and temperature, when the temperature is raised, the material activity is also raised, the active degree means that the material is more likely to produce physical phenomena such as deformation, or easier to react with other substances chemical phenomena. At low temperatures, the oil is less active and adheres to the surface of the bowl and is not easily washed away by water. But when the temperature becomes higher, the oil becomes more active and is flushed away from the surface of the bowl.

Of course, this temperature is not the higher the better, the activity of the substance can only reach the ideal state at a certain temperature stage, and it is reasonable to set it according to this temperature stage.

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