What are the ways to effectively extend the life of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine has been widely used in China to clean many products, and its own effective cleaning method, so that this ultrasonic cleaning equipment can achieve stable cleaning quality. In practice, ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the long term use will inevitably appear after a variety of problems, affecting our normal use. So, there is no way to effectively extend the life of the ultrasonic cleaning machine? The answer is yes. The next step is to take a look at it with the Guan Boshi ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers.

1, should pay attention to the reasonable use of cleaning agents

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

As we all know, only a reasonable and reliable cleaning agent to maintain the safety of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in daily use. In order to obtain better ultrasonic vibration effect, China’s long history of ultrasonic cleaning equipment must be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the corresponding certificate to choose a reasonable cleaning method in order to give full play to the stability of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, so as to better highlight and achieve the stability of ultrasonic cleaning equipment cleaning effect and better durability.

2. Attention should be paid to keep the environmental factors within a reasonable range to ensure stability

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer environment
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer environment

It goes without saying that any machine and equipment can only perform better cleaning effect in a reliable environment, and our ultrasonic cleaning equipment itself must maintain a good surrounding environment and a safer basic performance to ensure that the ultrasonic cleaning equipment in a safe and effective cleaning environment. Only away from steam, dust and other various sources of pollution, ultrasonic cleaning equipment to have a longer service life, fundamentally reduce the cost of follow-up maintenance.

3, if the ultrasonic cleaning machine is well maintained, the service life is generally not short


Any equipment needs maintenance, in order to make the machine’s service life is extended and can work properly, otherwise the equipment does not run normally, but also affect the quality of products and many other factors, so ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance is also an important part

Ultrasonic cleaning machine routine maintenance and maintenance specifications

One, Prohibit from the ultrasonic control cabinet at the top of the air inlet into the conductive liquid (such as water). Otherwise, it will cause serious damage to the line system of the cleaning machine.

Second, pay attention to keep the ultrasonic cleaning machine clean, please turn off the power when not in use.

Third, please do not collide with the ultrasonic cleaner or violent vibration.

Four, let the ultrasonic cleaning machine away from heat sources.

Five, the machine should avoid storage in a humid environment, over time is likely to lead to oxidation and rusting of equipment, line moisture.

Six, ultrasonic cleaning machine continuous working time try not to exceed 4 hours, such as continuous working time is too long: should rotate the ultrasonic adjustment knob to “0” bit, and let the cooling fan continue to work in the state of ultrasonic cleaning does not start for ultrasonic control cabinet continuous heat dissipation for at least 2 minutes or more.

Seven, after a long period of operation of the cleaning machine, the power knob should first be adjusted to zero before shutdown, the use of its fan and then work 3-6 minutes after shutdown to ensure that the power internal heat dissipation.

Eight, the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning solution after cleaning should be timely precipitation, filtration or replacement to ensure the cleaning effect.

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