Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine without ultrasonic output how to troubleshoot the causes?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine in the cleaning of objects is mainly the use of ultrasonic output function to achieve the desired cleaning effect, but once there is no ultrasonic output, you will find that the cleaning effect is extremely poor, then the ultrasonic cleaning machine failure does not output ultrasonic should do?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers
Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers

When the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine in the cleaning of objects encountered no ultrasonic output, you should look from two aspects. The first is to troubleshoot, and then to find a solution.

1, there is ultrasound, ultrasonic sound is very abnormal, ultrasonic intensity is not good.

Use a frequency meter to check whether the output frequency is within the range of the transducer. 28KHZ transducer should be 27KHZ-31KHZ, 40KHZ transducer should be 38KHZ-42KHZ. if the difference is too large, you can restore the normal operating frequency by adjusting the frequency potentiometer.

2, the ultrasonic generator works normally, the power can not be adjusted.

See whether the SCR has problems, and then use the multimeter to measure whether the three pins of the SCR is short-circuited, mainly to see whether the two pins of the SCR is on, if there is a fault, replace.

3, no ultrasonic output, cooling fan normal operation

Check whether the generator power tube is burned. If the power tube is burned, you can observe the generator power board fuse is blown. If burnt, replace the power tube and fusing resistor.

4, industrial cleaning machine ultrasonic generator short circuit, can not be closed, a closed trip.

Check whether the generator power line is short-circuited, the generator rectifier bridge is a problem (take the multimeter diode file) to measure whether there is a short circuit in the four feet, if there is a short circuit for the rectifier bridge problem, you can change one.

5, no ultrasonic wave generation, cooling fan indicator light is always on.

Check the frequency output on the driver board of the generator, or disconnect the oscillator output line, use a multimeter to measure the output of the generator (output transformer energized (both ends) to take the voltage file AC750V file, the potentiometer outside to adjust to see if there is a voltage 180 ~ 240V, if there is 180 ~ 240V voltage, and then look at the oscillator is short-circuited, that multimeter through the file to measure whether the conductor, such as the conductor choice to check to see Whether the oscillator line is broken and the two lines are not connected together or oscillator short circuit.

6, no ultrasound no output.

Such as the amount of generator indicator, the fan also turns, there is a frequency display. Is no output, see if the silicon controlled bad if not then check the silicon controlled part is normal, see if the generator driver board 7812 has 12V regulated output. If there is or look at the starter board SCR control part of 772 whether there is a problem. If so, replace.

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