How big does an auto repair ultrasonic cleaner need to be and how do I choose one?

Ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto repair, also known as ultrasonic car engine cleaning machine, ultrasonic car cylinder parts cleaning machine, etc. It is a professional application of high cleanliness ultrasonic cleaning technology in the auto repair industry. This type of ultrasonic cleaning machine, according to the auto body repair industry cylinder is relatively high characteristics, more than the bottom and both sides of the three sides of the ultrasonic cleaning tank structure, so that its cleaning effect is more uniform.

Auto Repair Ultrasonic Cleaner
Auto Repair Ultrasonic Cleaner

Now more and more auto repair shops and auto parts and car engine block manufacturers use this type of machine, the market ultrasonic car engine cleaning machine many types, in the face of a wide range of types, how should the user choose it? The following Gran Bo ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers put forward a few suggestions, I hope you have help. Ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto repair

First of all, to understand the cleaning technology principle and characteristics of the type of ultrasonic cleaning machine for auto repair

Ultrasonic cleaning machine using ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid produced by the instantaneous closure of countless micro bubbles generated by the strong high-pressure impact to achieve the purpose of cleaning and stripping the dirt. This type of cleaning machine has a better effect, faster cleaning speed, more uniform cleaning characteristics. However, due to cavitation is mainly the principle of physical action, simply do not add any cleaning agent water-based ultrasonic cleaning and can not achieve good cylinder parts to oil the purpose of using ultrasonic engine block cleaning machine but also add a certain amount of auto repair cleaning agent, in order to achieve good cleaning purposes. The use of this type of cleaning machine cleaning than conventional cleaning can reduce the amount of detergent used, the engine block internal complex components within the carbon, gum and other dirt can be quickly cleaned, so that it achieves the effect of renovation. There is also, is the ultrasonic cleaning is water plus detergent cleaning, compared to gasoline and alcohol and other traditional cleaning methods cost is much lower, but also more environmentally friendly, more cost-saving.

Second, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not all engine block can achieve good cleaning effect?

The answer is no, although some manufacturers say what kind of cylinder block can achieve good cleaning effect, according to Shandong Yashite ultrasonic product development experience for many years and customer feedback on the use of ultrasonic car engine block cleaning machine on the gasoline engine cleaning effect is very good, basically can achieve the purpose of complete renovation and saving cleaning costs, the diesel engine cleaning although there is a certain amount of help, but the effect Not necessarily to meet the user requirements, some plus the right amount of cleaning agent may achieve the effect, but the overall cost than the traditional cleaning method is not low.

Third, the purchase of ultrasonic automotive cylinder parts cleaning machine is recommended to do a cleaning test first

When buying ultrasonic cylinder parts cleaning machine, if the conditions allow, it is recommended to do a test, or consult the industry has been used in the same industry, to see how the cleaning effect, to see if it can meet your cleaning requirements.

Fourth, to be cleaned according to the physical characteristics of the cylinder to choose the appropriate ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine several parameters are mainly cleaning tank size, power, frequency, power density and cleaning temperature and optional devices, etc., the general use of automotive ultrasonic cylinder cleaning machine more than 20KHZ to 28KHZ frequency band of ultrasonic cleaning machine; to clean the cylinder size, choose the right power and volume of the cylinder cleaning machine, power density can consult professionals; general cylinder with cleaning machine are required Choose to configure heating and sound reduction cover, when buying to ask clear these related accessories.

Fifth, according to the size of the items to be cleaned and the number of pieces to choose the right size of the ultrasonic cleaning tank

First of all, ultrasonic cleaning machine is divided into a single slot and multi-slot, in actual use, the ultrasonic cleaning machine of the decisive role of the washing tank; ultrasonic cleaning tank consists of an inner tank and shell, the outer surface of the inner tank (usually in the outer surface of the bottom of the tank) and the ultrasonic transducer combined with the cleaning fluid contained in the tank.

The tank is generally made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel plate, too thick will affect the ultrasonic radiation, the inner wall of the tank, especially the radiation plate with the transducer attached will be ground flat, no damage is prone to cavitation corrosion and shortened life. In order to prevent the workpiece to be cleaned from being scratched due to direct contact with the wall plate of the tank, usually use a hollow basket (cleaning basket) or a bracket to suspend the cleaning components in the cleaning solution.

The frame of the basket should be as small and light as possible and is usually made of stainless steel wire or other material with good sound reflection. Structurally, the ultrasonic waves should be less blocked and the cleaning solution should flow easily. The specifications of the cleaning tank and mesh basket should be based on the size and look of the cleaned parts.

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