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What is multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine?

The generator circuit of multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaner includes control circuit, oscillation circuit and power output circuit. The cleaner is equipped with two or more ultrasonic transducers of different frequencies, and the ultrasonic transducers of each frequency are driven by different generators. There are several frequencies of ultrasonic waves at the same time, and the cleaning is more uniform. Therefore, multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is a modern combination of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine features.

Multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine because of the different frequencies so the effect in the cleaning is different. Ultrasonic frequency is high, the cavitation intensity generated in the liquid is low and high density. High-frequency ultrasonic waves can penetrate grooves, crevices and deep holes, while low-frequency ultrasonic waves with high temporal and spatial intensity, the number of bubbles is low, which has a great effect on cleaning the surface of the object.

The main feature of the multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is that it can switch to different frequencies according to different cleaning needs, not only to achieve a multi-use machine also saves the cost of cleaning, free of multiple equipment replacement operation using the complexity and so on. In the ultrasonic cleaning, the frequency of high and low cleaning efficacy is different, ultrasonic frequency is higher when the cavitation intensity in the liquid produced by low, high density, high-frequency ultrasound can reach deeper grooves, slits, deep holes; and ultrasonic frequency is lower when the cavitation intensity is high, the number of bubbles and the object surface cleaning effect is large.

For thick dirt, there is no low-frequency ultrasonic power basically cleaning effect is limited, in the cleaning time and cleaning strength can be well seen. For those objects with higher requirements for surface cleanliness and complex structure of the object, low-frequency ultrasound and basically can not reach the small deep holes. The multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine just combined with high-frequency ultrasound and low-frequency ultrasound their respective advantages, to overcome the single-frequency ultrasonic cleaning caused by uneven cleaning problems, its simple, easy to convert the characteristics of the majority of people also love.

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