How to clean irregular objects? Ultrasonic cleaning machine to help you 360 ° no dead angle cleaning

In real life, the problem of cleaning irregular objects has been plagued by people, and now the ultrasonic cleaning machine solves this problem.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is how to do?

First of all, its cleaning principle: the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly through the transducer, the power ultrasonic frequency source of acoustic energy into mechanical vibration, through the cleaning tank wall will be ultrasonic radiation to the cleaning liquid in the tank. Due to the radiation of ultrasonic waves, so that the micro bubbles in the liquid in the tank can be under the action of sound waves and thus maintain vibration. Destroy the adsorption of dirt and cleaning parts surface, causing fatigue damage to the layer of dirt and be barge away, gas-type bubbles of vibration to the solid surface for scrubbing.

Therefore, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning work as long as the cleaning liquid in the cleaning tank can be submerged to the cleaning material can achieve the effect of cleaning.

But the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not applicable to any aspect, such as soft fabric clothing, fragile low hardness, cracked materials are not able to use ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning.

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