Ultrasonic cleaning machine routine maintenance and precautions

Warm tip: In fact, ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance and precautions, in fact, in the product manual has been written in detail, and the specific use of each product and precautions are subtly different, it is recommended that before using the machine can spend a few minutes to read the product manual!

Power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine
Power adjustable ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine how to carry out maintenance?

1, first of all, should be placed in a smooth and ventilated ultrasonic cleaning machine, each time the water and drainage and maintenance of commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine should be turned off the power supply, with the need to unplug the socket in a timely manner.

2, good occupational protection. Daily operation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, you need to use a clean wrung out soft cloth to wipe the surface and cavity of the instrument, and rust and scale removal should wear acid and alkali resistant gloves. Be sure to avoid using wire balls or hard brushes to wipe, so as not to cause damage to the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

3, regular removal of ultrasonic cleaning machine cavity scale and rust, descaling agent or rust remover preparation ratio should be strictly in accordance with the instructions for use, and in accordance with the relevant process of descaling and rust removal: turn off the power supply → the cavity water drainage → close the drain valve → with the corresponding proportion of descaling agent or rust remover solution wipe → rinse clean with water descaling agent or rust remover → after the water drainage with a clean wipe dry.

4, regularly check whether the valve of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is working properly, check the method with reference to the manufacturer’s instructions, if the ultrasonic cleaning machine is found to be abnormal, it is necessary to promptly report or promptly hire the relevant personnel for maintenance. In addition to the need for annual calibration of the instrument’s temperature sensor, etc. (completed by the relevant maintenance personnel).

Ultrasonic cleaning machine use precautions.

1, pay attention to the safety of the power supply in the process of use

The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment specification of the power supply and power cord, the user’s power circuit must be equipped with an air switch dedicated to the cleaning machine, in order to open and clean the machine power when needed. As the ultrasonic cleaner and water, corrosion (swelling) level of contact, easy to cause leakage, please follow the safety requirements of the grounding wire.

2, to pay attention to the use of regular cleaning agent in the process

Ultrasonic cleaning machine using non-flammable detergent, do not use flammable and explosive substances for cleaning agent, the use of equipment needs to ensure that the application of flammable and explosive substances to avoid the occasion, the user must use certain substances in special circumstances, the department should be consulted to confirm the safety and take appropriate safety measures.

3, usually pay attention to the method of moisture prevention strategy

Electrical control box and related electrical components such as pay attention not to splash water, away from steam, corrosive gases, dust, etc. No liquid or liquid level in the cleaning tank will cause irreversible damage to the equipment, use the required assurance to make the tank into the full amount of clean liquid

4, pay attention to frequent cleaning and operating conditions

When the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not used for a long time, please release the cleaning fluid, in the tank and the surface after drying protective film to prevent corrosion of equipment aging more quickly. Keep the ultrasonic cleaning machine workplace ventilation, dry and clean, which is conducive to the long-term effective operation of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, optimize the working environment conditions.

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