The application and importance of ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the pharmaceutical and medical fields

In the process of drug production, the cleaning of all utensils and drug inner packaging materials (such as medicine bottles, rubber stoppers, etc.) not only directly affects the quality of drugs, but also threatens the health and life safety of patients.

Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine
Medical, medical dental ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning function: fast, effective, can clean some complex shapes, uneven shape of the object. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry will choose to use ultrasonic cleaning to clean bottles and jars, cleaning without dead ends, removing residual drugs, including titanium dioxide, calcium oxide and other high concentrations of certain toxic drugs and coatings.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is an ultrasonic transducer made of piezoelectric ceramic material, which converts electrical vibrations of ultrasonic frequency into mechanical vibrations to produce ultrasonic vibrations in liquids to clean products. Ultrasonic waves can penetrate solid materials and make the whole cleaning medium vibrate and produce cavitation bubbles. This cleaning method can clean the stains in the grooves with very high cleanliness. When the sound pressure or sound intensity reaches a certain level, the bubble will rapidly expand and then suddenly close; in this process, when the bubble closes, it will generate shock waves that directly and repeatedly impact the stains attached to the product.

Granbo ultrasonic cleaning machine is used in all walks of life, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. Ultrasonic cleaning is widely used in biological, chemical and pharmaceutical cleaning of utensils. These things are more difficult to clean manually, while ultrasonic can clean the surface and internal dust and powder, and can be heated to sterilize. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is favored by the pharmaceutical industry for its safety, reliability and non-pollution advantages.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

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