Why ultrasonic cleaning machine use will produce a lot of foam?

Where does bubble foam come from?

Bubble foam may come from the easy to foam material carried in the object to be cleaned. Or there are too many surface active ingredients in the cleaning solution needed, and the additives containing bubble foam are agitated and evaporated, etc. The changing temperature when cleaning also has a certain effect on the bubble.

The hazards of ultrasonic cleaning bubbles large.

1. Spending time and material costs but not getting the desired results

2. Cleaning speed becomes slower, slowing down the cleaning process, reducing the production efficiency

3. Affect the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaning, easy to lead to deep holes, slits and hidden workpiece cleaning is not clean

4. Result in the need for secondary cleaning of the product, foam will also increase the difficulty of cleaning

5. The generation of excessive foam will lose the service life of the equipment. Foam may leave traces on the machine, affecting the future production work.


1. Select the ultrasonic cleaning machine with degassing function

The advantages of ultrasonic degassing equipment, foam for a large number of bubbles gathered, ultrasonic degassing equipment is in the pre-generation of foam, bubbles have not been gathered in large numbers before the liquid defoaming, degassing, or dissolved, mixed in the liquid within the gas defoaming, degassing. The whole process does not use any defoamer, is completely physical defoaming method, can also be called mechanical defoaming method. For the surface foam has been generated, the role of the equipment is not obvious, need to cooperate with the defoaming film method together to solve.


2. Use defoamer to eliminate foam

To solve the problem of bubbles painfully, you must use the right medicine to use defoamer, using its good phase solubility, strong permeability, high dispersion characteristics. In the high temperature, strong acid and alkali environment is not afraid, try their best to capture the presence of bubbles, one by one to eliminate. In addition, it will not precipitate floating matter, precipitates affect the effect of cleaning. The amount used is small, and the effect of defoaming is good, and the ability of foam inhibition is strong. Chemically stable, will not corrode the cleaned items.

Cleaning agent
Cleaning agent

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