Ultrasonic vibration plate surface aging perforation phenomenon causes and solutions

Ultrasonic cavitation corrosion is a normal phenomenon, the general life of the ultrasonic vibration plate has a lot to do with the thickness of the plate, 2.5 of the plate can generally be used for about 3 years, while the kind of integrated stamping can be used for a year at most. If the ultrasonic vibration plate aging phenomenon occurs in a short time, there are generally the following reasons.

1, the vibration plate material

2, the temperature of the cleaning fluid

3, The acidity of the cleaning fluid

4, Working time

5, the size of the ultrasonic power

6, The frequency of ultrasonic wave

7, the viscosity of the cleaning fluid

All of the above reasons will affect the corrosion of the vibration plate, and if you want to avoid the aging of the ultrasonic vibration plate too short a time, and need to pay attention to two points.

1 、The purchase of good quality ultrasonic vibration plate

Vibration plate structure
Vibration plate structure

To judge the quality of the ultrasonic vibration plate good or bad method

1, can be identified from the ultrasonic vibration plate production process and appearance

Because this directly reflects the company’s attention to product quality, technology and appearance of good product quality is usually naturally not poor. And the design process directly affects the quality of products.

2, can be based on the ultrasonic vibration plate process design and the use of materials to identify

But this requires a good understanding of the transducer material and experience. Whether the design is reasonable should be determined according to the materials selected. The quality of the material directly affects the quality of the product. If the material of the same specification is different, the quality will be very different. Poor quality materials can not make good products.

3, on the machine experiments.

a, power output experiments; can detect the matching of the transducer and the electrical box, and at the same time can reflect the size of the transducer load power output sent by the electrical box, the larger the mode band, the better the work effect, the stronger the power output. (The size of the current can only reflect the output efficiency, can not reflect the power of the device).

b, stability test (simulated aging test); bring the rated load of the equipment to test the power output stability of the electrical box and transducer.

c, overload operation test; test the stability and life of product quality. The test only requires 8 hours of continuous operation under rated load.

Ultrasonic vibration plate selection method.

Ultrasonic vibration plate, vibration bar
Ultrasonic vibration plate, vibration bar

1, select multi-power oscillator or high-power oscillator

Good quality ultrasonic oscillator, the key lies in the industry to which it applies and the type of commonly used cleaning workpiece. This is the main principle and basis for the choice of procurement. However, in general, when choosing this type of equipment, do not choose low-power equipment, because usually low-power cleaning efficiency, poor results, you can choose multi-power oscillator or high-power oscillator.

2, pay attention to the frequency range can not be too small

Precision ultrasonic oscillator work directly related to its frequency. Usually the frequency of this type of equipment is not high, so general-purpose equipment generally work in the low Hertz. However, when cleaning special products or structural crevices, high frequency operation is required. So in the purchase of ultrasonic oscillator, choose a broadband oscillator, the frequency range is not too narrow.

3, pay attention to the temperature range of the equipment should not be too small

Ultrasonic cleaning machine temperature control is also very important, its temperature range is also the most important thing when buying and selling. Because some cleaning agents need high temperature or higher temperature environment to produce cavitation, if the temperature range of the equipment is too small, it is not easy to occur cavitation, so the cleaning effect is very poor.

4, pay attention to the vibration plate corrosion resistance can not be poor

The role of the vibration plate of the ultrasonic oscillator is very large, and its transducer is deeply placed in it. If the cover of the poor pressure resistance or corrosion resistance is weak, will inevitably affect the relationship between the transducer and the conductive medium. Therefore, when purchasing ultrasonic vibrators, we must pay attention to the corrosion resistance and pressure resistance of the vibration plate.

Ultrasonic vibration plate manufacturer
Ultrasonic vibration plate manufacturer

2、 The correct use of ultrasonic vibration plate operation and timing maintenance

One, ultrasonic vibration plate before the start of the preparation

1, put into the ultrasonic vibration plate vibration box placed using horizontal installation or vertical installation, check whether the vibration plate is installed firmly and properly.

2, check the installation into the ultrasonic vibration plate cleaning tank drain valve is closed.

3, according to the requirements of the cleaning process, injected with the ratio of cleaning solvent, the general ratio of cleaning fluid and water is 5 ~ 10%, the liquid surface from the cylinder surface of about 80mm; side vibration plate, the liquid surface must exceed the top of the vibration plate.

4、The black high frequency line connector on the vibration plate is connected to the ultrasonic generator back output wiring row, and tighten the screws, not loose.

5, confirm the ultrasonic generator power switch placed in the “off” position, connected to the power supply, ultrasonic generator using 220V 50Hz AC power.

6、Check whether the safety grounding of the housing is reliable.

7, according to the use of cleaning solvent requirements, the temperature controller to set the required heating temperature, generally 40 ℃ -50 ℃ is appropriate.

Second, the ultrasonic vibration plate start-up operating procedures.

1) After the above preparatory work, when the temperature in the cleaning tank to set the required cleaning temperature.

2) ultrasonic tank temperature to set the required heating temperature, the light goes off, the temperature switch automatically power off, the machine in the automatic constant temperature state.

3) Open the ultrasonic switch, the vibration plate into normal work.

4) Load the workpiece into the cleaning basket and clean the workpiece according to the cleaning procedure.

5) After completing the work, the machine should stop working, take out the workpiece and turn off all the power switches.

Third, the use of ultrasonic vibration plate precautions

1) The vibration plate should be placed carefully and gently.

2) vibration plate cut can not use hard objects impact and strong vibration.

3) cleaning, cleaning materials and other objects can not be pressed on the vibration plate, cleaning tank can not have other debris.

4) Start ultrasound vibration plate must be immersed in the liquid surface below 100mm.

5) to prevent the liquid and other small objects from the vibration plate output pipe flow.

6) cleaning tank without cleaning liquid must not start the ultrasonic generator, otherwise it will damage the transducer.

7)Do not flush the ultrasonic generator with water, the ultrasonic generator should be installed in a high and ventilated place.

8) put into the ultrasonic bottom shock mode, cleaning workpiece such as fall in the vibration plate surface, should be removed in time, otherwise it will wear vibration plate.

9) Avoid strong impact on the vibrating plate of the oscillator bonding surface, so as not to damage the transducer.

10) Do not make the liquid splash wet ultrasonic generator, so as not to make the circuit board moisture short circuit.

11) use a certain period, should pay attention to the cleaning dose, timely addition of cleaning fluid to ensure that the normal work of the machine.

12) If the vibration plate is installed in the bottom of the cleaning tank, too much sediment in the tank, will make the ultrasonic output is blocked attenuation, then the liquid should be released to filter, and clean up the inner tank, re-insert the cleaning fluid to continue to work.

13)The ultrasonic generator should avoid using under direct sunlight or working under high temperature environment.

14) Ultrasonic generator should be kept well ventilated, avoid working under strong acid and alkali or harsh environment.

Four, ultrasonic vibration plate maintenance inspection

1, check whether the liquid level of each tank is in line with the provisions, such as abnormal please inject cleaning fluid; observe the situation of the liquid level and timely replenishment of liquid;

2、Sweep the surface of each heater with gauze, brush, etc. every month;

3、Weekly check and test the temperature regulator, when the temperature difference with the set value is too large, need to be replaced;

4、Regularly the control panel on each indicated switch closed to see, the light is not bright, need to replace the electric ball; Note: electrical inspection and maintenance please after the main power off.

5, linear bearing seat should be maintained with sufficient lubrication, regular refueling.

Five, ultrasonic vibration plate simple failure and troubleshooting

1) power switch can not start: check whether the main command relay is damaged;

2) a slot heating failure; check whether the slot heating element is good;

3) ultrasonic does not work: check whether the ultrasonic power components are damaged, whether the transducer is short-circuited;

4) ultrasonic weakening: transducer such as moisture, conductive dust staining and strong impact, resulting in leakage, short circuit, breakdown, attack lines and even off, causing ultrasonic weakening;

5) transducer or ultrasonic generator damage, should immediately stop using, and notify the company to send staff to repair.

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